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Published On: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017

Budgets and public trust (3)

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President Muhammadu Buhari laying the 2018 Budget Proposal before a joint session of the National Assembly Members, yesterday in Abuja. With him is the Clerk to the National Assembly, Mohammed Sani Omolori (right).
Photo: Mahmud Isa

FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

You can’t be rich in politics unless you are a crook- Harry S Truman. Former US President

Trust is something given to a person that entitles him to a power of disposition. There are limits and responsibilities. In fact there are boundaries that he cannot exceed. There acts that he could single handedly dispose. There are others that he has no right to dispose without up approvals. Above all the giver or on whose behalf the trustee acts expect him to so dispose according to their wishes and expectations. The leader has to have assistants and top functionaries to dispose of affairs since the leader cannot do everything. So where he delegates or must delegate, imply that the sub-trustee must also have power of disposition. There is no trust if the trustee has no power to dispose on matters. It follows, therefore, that the larger the entity, the more the need for decentralization of power and authority to act. With the current political dispensation, the political actors allowing a President, Governor or Chairman LG and the likes to do what he likes or collaborates with legislators to enrich themselves needs a second look. The status quo condemns us as a people who love jungle justice.
It does not matter that the trust is involved in the public or private sector. It may be a family unit. The starting point is the family unit of course. Allah created Adam and out of Adam created for him a wife Eve so he may have some support and regenerate family and nations. That is where mankind started from. Thereafter, we transformed into tribes and thereon to nation-states. Islam demands that even among two people there must be a leader. If he disposes, he must dispose with justice. For justice is close to the fear of Allah as stated in several verses of the Scriptures. Whether one is a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu etc. has justice prescribed in his Scripture. Everyone needs it even if he opposes it. If otherwise, an oppressor when he is at the receiving end will understand the reality. As Muslims the Qur’an tells us that justice is close to the fear of Allah as revealed in Qur’an 5:8.
Despite the US-Zionists daily injustice on Muslims and other weaker nations, the same Jews cry against Hitler. A Palestinian will wonder. When in New York some victim of US injustice crushes to death American pedestrians or in France and UK that bomb innocent people to comprise children, women, old and the disabled across the Muslim world in Syria, Africa, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan cry loud when one or two of their citizens fall victims of “terror” attacks. It is against justice to crush pedestrian in Paris or New York or London. But is it justice the bombings by Zionists, US, France, UK against people they call “terrorist” In Muslim countries. Are there no Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buhddist, pagan and Atheist terrorists?
In fact, in world record, the Christians are on top of the list as at today with Hitler, Nixon, Mussolini, Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, Tony Blair, Trump, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Kissinger, De Gaulle, Sarkozy, Obama and many others. The Russian atheist in their genocides in Chechnya and other Soviet republics against innocent Muslims are birds of the same feather. On record the Christian terrorists ruling class have killed more than 100 million innocent people in order to sell their arms and dominate the oil and gas sector. They represent the US, the UK, Germany, Italy and France that are the so-called “rich industrialized countries” that have collectively impoverished Africa and the developing countries.
In Israel the Zionist terrorists to include all their Prime Ministers and the US and European Zionists lobbyists who are pathological enemies of Muslims and Arabs represent the worst creatures on earth. Now 16 countries in Europe have legalised same sex marriages against the Scriptures sent to father Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad and it is difficult to see mercy on such devils who die unrepentant but burning fire with the likes of the Jewish Korah and Pharaoh. While the US-Zionists are the worst terrorist on earth. The Begins, Sharon’s, Netanyahu and other deadly Jewish terrorists who manipulate the US and Europe and whose people were massacred by Hitler and their bodies were decomposing in Germany are yet to learn their lessons. They force Arabs and other stooges around the world to patronize their military industrial complexes.
Since 1800 to 1945 they have written over 60,000 books against Islam but yet Islam remains superior to their Scriptures by the day. Every day one book to insult Muslims is published. Instead of convincing their people if at all to live by Christianity and pity those who disbelieve in it, if indeed they are true. Why hate Muslims if as a Christian one believes a Muslim is on a wrong track? Definitely, the vilification and the wickedness on Islam and the waste of budgetary allocations by NATO and their collaborators to invade Iraq, Syria, the destruction of Libya and virtually all Mualim countries; stealing the 100 billion US Dollars Libyan funds in Jewish banks add stealing their oil; the freezing of cash assets of Iran in US Dollar billions in the US Zionists banks; the 64 US billion dollars arms deals with Saudi Arabia and US; the 4.0 US billion US Dollars with Qatar and US; the 2.0 billion US Dollars arms purchased from the IK by Saudi and used to destroy Yemen all speak volumes of the sub-human mind of the actors who commit genocide instead of addressing hunger and distress in the poor countries. In Nigeria the corruptions in the name of arms deals to fight Boko-Haram but the US Dollars billions diverted for private use blood money is on record.
Rather than apply their lean budgets to provide real security for their people in fighting poverty, disease and ignorance they contrive wars as a business for a commission to few unpatriotic developing world leaders . What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the Jew cannot resurrect a Jew when he is killed, why should he kill a Palestinian? The Saudi and their Arab partners spend US billions of Dollars to procure arms from the US-Israel-France-UK axis to massacre innocent people to “boost” their economy and budgets and enrich their Billionaires and provide “jobs” on the blood of Muslims. The UK denies the Saudi citizens and Arab countries Billions of Dollars to develop their economy but diverting these hard FX to UK for supply of arms and military equipment to commit genocide in Yemen and on other innocent Muslims.
When Gaddafi was supporting IRA with arms to fight British hegemony, they opposed and contrived the brutal assassination of former Libyan leader. Former US President went as far as attacking his home and killed his adopted daughter. Reagan died a miserable man. Not done they have destroyed the country and are still doing so just because one UK police woman was killed under suspicious circumstance that one could say ruling out MI6 conspiracy is distinct reality. The same behaviuor manifested when budgets where being misappropriated in Nigeria under GEJ administration when Sambo Dasuki, Ihijerika, Alex Bade and a host of them were abusing public trust and the budgetary provisions callously for their personal enrichment.
The Mighty Lord had mercy for the poor Nigerians since all were created by Him no matter where he claims to have come from. So a budget is a public trust and must be treated with care if any government wishes to survive. A hungry man is an angry man and no amount of gimmicks will work. But then Nigerians or is it the black race too has an inherent knack for undue sentiments and resistance to the rule of law. The tribal sentiments cloaked with false religious pretences hold back progress. In Nigeria it is the mother of all setbacks. So we have to get it clear that the rule of law in the budgetary process is a task that must be entrenched.

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