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Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Book 6 of ‘Rediscovering The Qur’an’ out in October

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By Samira Sadiq

The 6th Book of an Islamic publication, ‘Rediscovering The Qur’an,’ will soon be ready. As a matter of fact, it is expected to be out in October, 2014.

Its author, Engineer Abubakar A. Fari, disclosed that already, its draft has been distributed to eminent scholars for comments, contributions and reviews.

Titled, Arrogance: Its Characteristics and consequences, the book, like the previous ones in the series, aims to address the issue of the fear of Allah which the author says, is the beginning of wisdom. He emphasisies however, that the topic though by no means the only issue critical in the series, touches the heart of all mankind.

Fari, who is also an engineer, draws simile from the analysis of dynamic systems and designs in explaining that “in life, one is not too concerned with the transient state of a matter than the steady state solution”. As such, Fari contends that it is not the transient comfort that matters on earth but life after death.

The author identifies lack of faith as one of the root causes of arrogance. This, he says is closely linked to the reasoning of people who do not believe that when they die, they would account for their deeds. That is why some Nigerians loot the treasury blind despite the poverty crushing the majority of the populace. Fari said.

With plenty of money in their pockets, arrogance takes centre stage of the lives of looters. Abubakar Fari said in his synopsis, that “arrogance is the result of the imbalance between the heart and the soul”. He frowns at looters, whom he said are not limited to government functionaries, politicians, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and the military, amongst others in Nigeria.

“In Nigeria, the ruling class is arrogant but pretends it is made up of angels even though most of them were from extremely poor homes. They are given the country as a trust but they abuse it with impunity, Fari, relates in his Book 6, that “He/she will never enter paradise if any such, harbors an atom of arrogance in his heart”.

Fari, who is the 4th, grandson of Mallam Umaru Dallaje, the first Amirul Mu’uminun of Katsina, (1807-1835), admonishes Muslims to eschew arrogance and stand out by being honest in their dealings, even as he reiterates that, “Muslims have 3 options; to stop a wrong doing if they can, to advise the perpetrator to stop doing what he is doing wrong, and to distance themselves from the evil being perpetrated.

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