Boko Haram: Reps implore FG to re-take captured territories

Army-Soldier2By Umar Muhammad Puma

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have called on the federal government to increase the security manpower towards the re-take of the captured Ngala, Bama and Kala-Balge local government areas of Borno State.

In a motion moved by Rep Abdurrahman Terab (PDP, Borno),the lawmakers urged the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to liaise with its Cameroonian counterparts in providing relief materials to refugees currently in the Cameroon towns.

The House said the three local governments should be reclaimed by the Nigerian security in view of the illegal acts being perpetrated by the insurgents in the areas.

Rep Terrab said against the “earlier reports that the said Local Government Areas were reclaimed by the Nigerian government and are now under the control of Nigerian troops, they are still under the control of the Boko Haram.

“Young women and teenage girls are not being spared, as they are facing all sorts of abuse, torture and forced marriages,” he said.

He disclosed that the “refugees that fled to Cameroon numbering almost two hundred thousand and who are mostly from Ngala and Kala-Balge Local Government Areas, are living without basic requirements, like food and shelter.”

He added that the Nigerian military battling the insurgents is doing its best despite the challenges of inadequate manpower, arms and equipment to execute the operation.

Rep Terrab, who represents Bama, Ngala and Kala-Balge, urged federal government to act because of the arbitrary killings and laws currently being enforced the insurgents in the areas.


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