Boko Haram carries out reprisals on military in Borno

Boko Haram MenaceFrom Mustapha Isah Kwaru, Maiduguri

Over 300 suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Monday carried out seemingly deadly reprisal attacks on military in Biita village, Borno state, residents of the area told newsmen yesterday.
It would be recalled that the military claimed to have killed 50 insurgents, after repelling a bloody attack in the village on Saturday. However residents of the area said close to100 insurgents were actually killed by security forces in the encounter between Saturday and Sunday.

It was gathered that after being defeated, the militants returned to the area and launch what seemed to be as a reprisal onslaught on the military.
Sources said over 350 insurgents, armed with rocket propelled grenades stormed out of the bushes and attacked the military formation in Biita.
A top security source said, “Yes, the terrorists re-mobilized and attacked Biita after the heavy casualty they recorded at the weekend. Our troops withdrew for strategic reasons only and not out of fear. Remember that we recorded a huge success on Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

One of the residents, John Musa told newsmen that the insurgents were well kitted in military fatigue. Musa said the militants have, armed with armored vehicles, explosives and other sophisticated weapons have driven into the area in over 30 pick-up vehicles and dozens of motorcycles.
It was learnt that the insurgents subdued the security forces and took over the area, forcing villagers to scampered for safety.
The casualty figures recorded by both sides could not be ascertained as at press time, but residents said the invaders destroyed many buildings in the village.
In a related development, the suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Monday invaded two villages in Chibok local government area of Borno, killing at least five people and carted away bags of assorted food items as well as livestocks. Residents of the affected areas who fled to Maiduguri told newsmen yesterday that the incident occurred when dozens armed men believed to be Boko Haram stormed Tohya and Wurojene villages near Chibok, and unleashed terror in the people.
One of the residents, John Garba said the attackers reportedly opened fire on the villagers as soon as they arrived at around 7pm, killing at least five people, leaving several others wounded.
“The attackers fired at the people and many residents fled into the bush. There was confusion everywhere, as the attackers set fire on houses. They continue the attack for about two hours. They carted away foodstuffs, bags of grains and chicken belonging to our poor people,” he said.

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