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Published On: Wed, Dec 12th, 2018

Boko Haram attack on military base, a local or Int’l conspiracy

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By Mansir Lawal Kaware

If what is shown in a video on the military base attack at Metele in Borno State is anything to go by, then there is every likelihood of conspiracy either at local or International level.
If the political climate of refusing to sell arms to Governments that are accused of fighting their people by developed Nations is done in good faith, then what happened to the terrorist groups? How do they get their weapons? We do not expect production or manufacturing of arms and their sales to be as free as manufacturing and selling of biscuits companies. We need to take a look at the location of the military base so attacked by the terrorists, the agreement between the four countries of Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad, where are the possible places of abode of the terrorists? What could be the distances between such locations and what are their sources of food, water and arms?
Although, there were complaints of lacking modern arms on the part of the soldiers attacked it may not be the sole reason for the killings. No matter how obsolete the weapons if there was exchange of fire between the Nigerian Military and the terrorist we would have counted some casualties on the part of the terrorists. But we need to understand that in a game of gun battle the first to have his finger on the trigger is the one that will have the day. The bottom line is how do they lay their hands on such an accurate formation about the military base. Even with the plane that is said to be operating itself in gathering information the Exactness of the attack suggests there is something more to it than meet the eye. The attack does not indicate that the Boko Haram members carried it out from the popular Sambisa Forest. Who operated the plane and from where, because it must have a base from where it takes – off, the time within which it operates in gathering the information before the attackers can act. A group like this exists in other parts of the world like what happened or is happening in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Liberia, Rwanda, Central Africa and the rest, but in all cases there are countries or groups known to be their supporters except Boko Haram.
We are being made to believe that they are on their own, nobody is supporting them, yet they can destabilize the peace of about four countries, No, let us think again. Leaders in the four countries should be sincere to themselves because no country or group can execute such kind of sophistication without a base, we have not read how the other countries handled the groups in their localities and how they treated them, when Dapchi Girls were abducted, some of them said their captors crossed water with them, though they could not say to where. How the terrorists acquired their weapons raised more questions than answers.
The fact that the Metele attackers could identify every soldier in his hole and kill him has put to doubt if the Boko Haram terrorists do not have informants within the target.
Down to the North-West, the rate at which kidnappers and cattle rustlers are terrorizing Zamfara, Kaduna and Katsina States has equally placed our security agents on a confusing tension as to which angle will they hold. Kidnappers are so rampant in recent months so much so that classification as to who they would pick is no longer part of their calculation. Everybody is at the risk of being picked by them and the life of the victim cannot be guaranteed. It is equally uncertain as to who is behind the acts because those directly involved are not likely to possess the money to buy the weapons they are using and what they do with the huge sums they have been collecting as ransom from friends and relatives of the victims.
The North–Cenral States or Middle Belt as some people call it is equally not peaceful. But while the North East trouble has to do with power mongers, the North-West case is economical, that of middle Belt is much more inclined to religion and ethnicity which mostly creates loss of lives and property invariably with nothing to offer. Although Taraba is in the North-east it falls under this category. In fairness we must say that Buhari Administration has been up and doing in tackling these problems as opposed to the laxity with which they were treated by his predecessor. Security problems like this which involves the lives and properties of Nigerians must not be subjected to Political play. It is no joking matter and everybody must take it upon himself to contribute in his own way on how to bring these problems to an end.
Only recently, Governor Yari of Zanfara State had depose some traditional rulers for being indicted over the security challenges in Zamfara. We only hope that it was done in good faith. This is because the Zamfara Governor has not acted for eight years until now that he is about to leave office. The thinking is that he is taking action only when he had political problem that affects his interest, how sure are we he is not punishing those who might have opposed him. Had it been he acted like Katsina State Governor, Aminu Masari who took steps to control the problem of cattle rustlers about three years ago, one could believe in him. However, it is always better late than never. We hope the steps taken would assist bring peace to the State and neighbouring Kaduna, Sokoto and Katsina States.
Bye and large, the ultimate goal of Governance is to protect lives and properties of the citizens. Therefore, leaders and other stakeholders in all parts of Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun and Chad, as well as the International Community should respect the value and dignity of human life, assist to ensure peace in the affected countries and contribute their own quota towards bringing the Boko Haram terrorists and all other culprits to book.
Mansir Lawal Kaware writes in from Katsina State.

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