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Published On: Mon, Dec 21st, 2020

Black ignorance, a billion dollar industry

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By Aina Ademola

Black people are oblivious of the blueprints of their current situation, they have been disconnected and detached completely from their roots and origin, this is because of the Eurocentric education of balkanization that has kept us in disunity and fighting one another instead of uniting and fighting the common enemy which is the racist white man who has subjected us to this condition of destitution that we have found ourselves as a people. Africans in the diaspora are the most mis-educated and brainwashed, this is because they live in the oppressors camp, they eat his food, wear his cloth, speak his language and ultimately think like him; they have become Caucasianized. They believe whatever definition the white man gives them about themselves, they believe the lies and distorted African history that the white man tells them. They have become alienated from their brothers and sisters who are in the African continent. Nobody needs mental liberation more than the Afro American man, in fact, the major learning for Africans in the 21st century is unlearning, this is because of the lies we have consumed years upon years, it’s time to change history and challenge the status quo.
Colonization in it’s modified and refined form is still present in the African community, this is because we aren’t African enough, our inferiority complex as a people has made us to choose to be whiter than the white man instead of being black and proud. Black people choose to look at themselves from the perspective of the racist white man, the same man that enslaved and oppressed them.
The basic cause of race problem is complete ignorance, why do I say this? I say this because if the white man knows the glorious history of the white man he wouldn’t disrespect or degrade him, if the white man knows the contribution of the black man to world civilization he would definitely not mistreat him. by the same token, if the black man is fully aware of his contribution and the part he has played to world civilization he’d also not feel inferior. I’d say the racist white man and the inferior black man are both ignorant.
Africans have had civilization and built great empires before the invasion of the white man, black people excelled on all fronts architecture, teaching, medicine and so on. As a matter of fact the father of scientific medicine is a black man and he built the basis upon which medical professionals nowadays work on his name is Imhotep. It was during imhotep’s reign that the great pyramids were built, Stone was first used in building, hieroglyphic writing was discovered, Stone quarrying was perfected and invented and Imhotep became the father of scientific medicine. The great pyramids of Giza was built during the fourth dynasty by Africans and thenites after the name of their sacred city thinis, the pyramid was built during the rain of Knufu about 2590-67 BC . The second great pyramid was built by king Khafre, the nephew of king Knufu. To accentuate his identity, a portrait artifact of him was carved which is referred to as the great Sphinx. Historical evidences are there to validate this assertion. Only a crazy person will see the Sphinx and say it isn’t negroid. The black civilization was destroyed by the same people who came in guise of religion. The colonialists have the same tactic which brother Kwame Ture called Called “MMM” meaning (Money, missionary and Marine). They’d try to buy your people as slaves if that doesn’t work they come in guise of religion which is the missionary or they come with full force to invade a territory which is the marine. In Angola during the 16th century Portuguese slave masters invaded Angola and came in guise of missionary, eventually they unleashed their cruelty after converting many Angolans, proselytizing the king, changing his name to Afonso, they started capturing Agolans and forcing them away as slaves, and yet black people still pay obeisance to their oppressor, Stockholm syndrome in full display.
Our inferiority complex has made us believe that black is a badge of shame so we boycott any black owned establishment and embrace white own establishments; it’s only logical to know that when you take money from the black community into the white community, you’re not only disrespecting yourself as a black man you’re setting your race backward and enriching the race of your oppressor simply because you have inferiority complex this is how our ignorance has become a billion dollar industry. Until we espouse black consciousness and instill ourselves with pride and dignity there’s no progress for the black race. We must rally round with our brothers and sisters who have the same skin color with us and rid ourselves of the machinations that have bound us to servitude. The most revolutionary thing we can do for ourselves as Africans is to be proudly Africans. The wealth and progress of the west is based on the inferiority complex of the black man. Cater G. Woodson says in his book The Miseducation of the Negro “When you control a man’s thinking you do not need to worry about his actions” until we rid ourselves of the subservient role we have placed ourselves due to inferiority complex, until then that freedom will come. When a man loses his authority he sinks to the level of lower animals, he carries out the instruction of the superior man, if superiors man says bark he’d bark, if he says sit he’d sit, he carries out the functions of a sheep, goat as to the will of their masters” it’s until black people all over the world grasp their authority we’d continually remain oppressed politically, exploited economically and degraded socially. The black skin is not a badge of shame but a symbol of National greatness. We must not only fight racism we must fight mental slavery too, as Steve Biko said “The most potent weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” understand that the oppression and the dehumanization of black people is the bank of wealth of the west, the European common market (ECM) was established around the late 50s to the early 60s after the abolition of slavery and colonialism; the economy of the oppressor shook and they were forced to set up a common market to boost them economically. We must think about these things and not let our mental slavery emanating from inferiority complex become another basis of wealth and economic prosperity for the same people who have oppressed us and have set us back to this level we are today. Being black is not a matter of pigmentation it’s a reflection of mental attitude, we must purchase black products, patronize black brothers and sisters, by doing this we’d be elevating the black community and ridding it of poverty and economic paralysis. The world won’t respect Africa until she earns that respect, it’s until we ourselves grasp our authority and decide not to be set back, only then will the world respect us.

Our African school curriculum must be changed, African history must be taught right from primary school. I don’t understand why French and Arabic is being taught in school and history isn’t. We must not only be taught about African oppression, we must be taught about African resistance as well. For instance, our kids must be taught about Queen Ann Nzinga of Angola, she was an army commander who resisted the Portuguese slave raiders for good 30years, we must be taught about Jean Jacques and the Haiti revolution and many. We need Afrocentric education, Africans were taught about Hitler and the killing of 6million Jews but many of them do not know about the criminal king Leopold and the killings of almost 20million Congolese. We need an education that’d reconnect us with our roots. A Pan African education that’d serve as a global highway, that’d link us with our long lost brothers and sisters who were kidnapped from Africa and taken to the diaspora by the criminal white invaders. The future of Africa doesn’t depend on how many western education we have consumed, the future of Africa depends on how mentally liberated and Afrocentric we have become. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

Aina Ademola is a Public Affairs Analyst and dedicates this to black people all over the world

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