Biroko community under siege of Bassa, Agatu militias, group cries out

By Musa Adamu

The Mozum Concerned youth Advocacy (MCYA) has called on the authorities to save the Egbura people and Biroko community from total annihilation by Bassa Komu and their hirelings, the Agatu Militias of Benue state.
In a statement jointly signed by Hamzat Muhammed and Yusuf Abubakar Danladi, the Vice President and the Secretary General of MCYA respectively, the group said unless the authorities move fast, the Egbura people and their community, Biroko, would be finished within days.
The statement recalled that since the return of Egbura people to Biroko following the executive order issued by Governor Yahaya Bello, the people had not known peace from the combined attacks of Bassa Komu and Agatu militias.
The statement reads: “On the 8th January, 2020 the executive Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello gave an executive order for all the displaced communities to returned to their ancestral homes. As a follow up this order. On the 14th January, 2020 the Biroko community under Mozum district return to their ancestral home with the support of security personnel.
“From the date of their return, the Biroko community have been under intimidation, harassment and use of provocative words against them. As this was not enough, the Bassa Komu community resorted to physical attacks.
“On Friday 14th February, 2020 the community came under heavy attack that forced even the security personnel stationed in the community to vacate the town. This attack was presided with forceful harvest of the Biroko community fishing ponds by the Bassa Komu communities and hired Agatus Militias from Benue State who arrived with sophisticated weapons.”
The MCYA therefore, call on the state government, the security agents and all relevant stakeholders to “urgently come to our rescue.”
It further explained that at the moment the Egbura people and the Biroko community are under sieged of the combined forces of Bassa Komu and Agatu militias.
“As we speak there are built up intention and plans by the militias to further attack other Egbura communities before down.”

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