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Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Bigotry, deceit, illegalities in anti-grazing Bill (1)

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Mayetti Allah

Mayetti Allah

Friday Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your own inner voice-Steve Jobs

In Nigeria, there are noise makers and unrepentant bigots among and between southern Christian animists in control of media and some Muslim secularists. Let them not drown our voice nor that of President Buhari with respect to the herders’ rights as Nigerians. They should not drown Buharis pursuit of the anti-corruption drive that has gone auto-pilot. The bigots in the southern media are looking the other way on material issues and seek to shield deadly financial and economic terrorists and terrorism which much more affects all including the clueless brown envelop bigots. It is time to say that those bigots who support criminals that do not want to return the loot peacefully, that nemesis will catch up with them.
The anti-open grazing bill as I wrote in July 2017 in the People’s Daily in three successive publications is all about Okar coup agenda in a roundabout way. While in the same daily in November 2017 another piece “Budgets and Public Trust” in three parts, a related expose on corrupt Nigerian technocrats and Ministers and party gurus in charge were highlighted. That “earthquake corruptions” as seen by the US is the root cause of the animist-Christian southern papers doing the fifth columnists for looters who have cases to answer with the EFCC, THE ICPC and the courts. On restructuring, my views containing more or about 6000 words in five Friday columns surveyed the issues at stake.
Section 3, 19 9A) Penal Code of northern states is a law I understand that can arrest and confine a suspected civil servant or any that served government to prison with wealth that is “suspect”. The EFCC took Patience, the wife of former President GEJ that served as a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa to court on over 5 million US Dollars that they saw no basis for earnings and the courts have agreed and ruled it be returned to the Federal Government. That she was lucky not to have been sent to prison was a generosity of Buhari.
Benue government led by Ortom as governor has not paid salaries of workers as and when due. There were bail outs by Buhari to Benue governor to pay his Tiv and the lesser privileged Benue indigenes the Idoma. Almost three years after he was sworn as a Governor of Benue his Chief of staff Chief Terwase Orbunde in an interview with the Daily Trust of Monday, January 15, 2018 is prevaricating and hear him “His Excellency the governor has spent sleepless nights……. So, I can tell you that we are towards the end of the issue of the challenges of salaries.” Buhari they want to paint black has come out white and the black and poisonous snakes and bigots that hide under the mask of the anti-open grazing law with the collaboration of the Yoruba, Ibo, south-south and pockets of so-called middle belt editors orchestrating herders as killers are now out as the devils.
They kill innocent people and are responsible for the death of innocent Tivs some they could not pay their wage “we are towards the end of the issue of the challenges of salaries.” Buhari should send the EFCC to arrest those who are disbursing the cash on Ortom’s instructions while Ortom will face nemesis when his immunity expires 2019. That is if he lives to see the date for life and death are not in the hands of anti-open grazing bill bigots. All the collaborations with church leaders to deceive clueless Christians and ignorant Tivs used as pawns and the treachery against herders by the deceit of tribal and religious chicanery and Yoruba and southern press is now out. The Chief of staff needs to visit Lagos and the other collaborators to collect a bail out to pay from his lovers the animist-Christian Ibo and Yoruba and those from the states that collect oil and gas off-shore and on-shore by default. All we know and believe is that an empty and hungry stomach will not eat hallelujah? No way!
The hot air about herdsmen ignoring the genocide of Christian-animists by these anti-open grazing snakes in the form of serpents and vipers wish to divert attention of reasonable thinking Nigerians. The orchestrated and deliberate mischief of using the aggressive vehicle and the diabolical use of media not for good of larger society but the narrow-minded has become like opium to a drug addict. The addiction to insult Muslims and also the pastoralists is in their blood given the bigotry that was exhibited by their grandparent’s way back before independence. Unfortunately, if Muslim leaders in the north especially the cowards that wish to use the advantage of north-west zone votes for their presidential ambitions but remain chickens lying low while their own are being abused and disgraced by diabolical Christian-animist and hypocritical secular Muslim hypocrites to damage Buhari is unfortunate. Or are they partners? They will only shoot themselves in the foot that ended the corrupt and irresponsible GEJ and PDP administration and the narrow-minded Fayose, Urubebe cum Sule Lamido’s and Bafarawas among others blindness and futilities.
The onus is up to Muslims and herders to set up counter newspapers to proceed in an eye for an eye manner to become aggressors in the negative reporting of the Christian animists who ignore justice, law and order and the respect of the rights of others. An eye for an eye is fair game. Silence at this stage is not golden given the fake and bigot journalists’ unjust reporting and 2019 in view of the desire for resource control. We cannot allow bigots control power to loot US Billions of dollars. Certainly when a Tiv or Ayo Fayoshe and indeed any Christian animist if he dares kill a herdsman, will get a similar and a deadly response will settle the matter once and for all. The herders that revenge are gallant men who pay back in the same way their enemies and bigots close their eyes, ears and brains to reason. Kill your killer herdsmen. That is the only way as jungle justice has been sanctioned by the editors of the south and the Nation in particular.
The Nation says the country is in the mood against herdsmen, no matter the justification of their case in its edition of Saturday of January 6, 2018 in this millennium. I wonder if the rule should not apply to these advocates of genocide. The Christian and Zionist US bigots disproportionately dropped atomic bombs on innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan only after the Japanese bombed and killed about 200 US-Zionists servicemen and they have no regrets till date. So for one US –Zionist life the equivalent was 5000 Japanese lives. And still have large military base armed to the teeth in case Japanese will attempt revenge. To date no one has committed genocide on innocent human beings than the Christians remote controlled by the Zionists. Indeed US President Trump a Christian-Zionist is the worst bigot and racist living on earth. He insults, threatens, commits genocide in Syria, Yemen, Palestine Afghanistan. He as well insults Muslims, Christians in Latin America and Africa and Asia and because he is a Masonic Christian-Zionist is not been vilified the clueless southern anti-herders journalist. Imagine a Muslim do 1% of the criminal and illegalities. At the UN 54 African ambassadors have condemn Trump. Why these clueless editors in the south and Pastors in the so-called middle belt cowardly and mute?
The word bigot means a thoroughly unreasonable person. The Oxford dictionary defines a bigot as a person who has a very strong, unreasonable beliefs or opinions about race, religion or politics and who will not listen to or accept the opinions of anyone who disagrees with them. The crowd mentality represented by the rabid Christian-animists in the so-called middle belt, southern treacherous editors led by the Nation, frustrated “treacherous” PDP likes of Ayo Fayoshe who arrogantly day dreamt would lead Nigeria for 60-100 years as the “largest” party in Africa collapsed like a pack of cards. The Tiv in particular are the rabid bigots and of recent the Plateau governor Lalong has announced that he cautioned the bigots Ortom of Benue against the anti-open grazing bill. The EU for ranching pays each herder 6 Euros per day equivalent to N2500 per day but the Tiv will not do that the Taraba will not do that “treacherous” Fayoshe based on Lord Laggards label will not do that but will encourage the theft and genocide of herdsmen.
Now with the payment of N2500 per day to ranch a cow in Europe and the genocide arising from anti-open grazing bill, clearly proves that it is Tiv Okar agenda in a roundabout way that the anti-open grazing is all about. Genocide mission agenda from the Christian animist global network on Muslim through their proxy the CAN elements in Nigeria.

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