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Published On: Sun, Oct 26th, 2014

Between April 14, 2014 and February 14, 2015

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Only in unity do we stand any chance nigeriaBy John Egbeazia Oshodi

As the Nigerian presidential and National Assembly elections are set for February 14, 2015, your recent warnings to Nigerians to expect soldiers during elections, including the coming elections, could inhibit anarchy in 2015. But the real challenge that could ignite the nation into a thick state of nightmares is if the kidnapped Chibok girls are still missing by February 14, 2015. It has been almost 200 days since more than 200 girls were kidnapped by the extremist fighters.

Mr. President, as the world continues to mark the tragically momentous kidnapping of the Chibok girls, internationally and locally, you have not inspired much confidence in regards to the rescue of the girls who have been missing since April 14, 2014. Most of all, the continued and painful absence of these schoolgirls serves as symbols of shame on the part of the Jonathan administration.

Mr. President, with the lingering emotions over the tragedy of the Chibok girls, for many, it remains incomprehensible why this issue has not caused you to issue an emotional apology again and again to the nation since you, as President, have not been able to deliver these girls with the least risk back to their relatives. The perception, therefore, is that these girls are being ignored by a government that should care for them, amidst the reported talks of negotiation for the release of the kidnapped girls.

In honoring the memory of those who may have already died, and the fervent hope for the safe return of the remaining missing girls, we deserve the full guarantee that you will bring back these abducted school girls, no matter how many are left. Hopefully, many are still holding out, with the helping spirit of God, the prayerful hands of their mothers, and the goodwill of the Nigerian people.

You will have to bring back these abducted school before the coming presidential and National Assembly elections. The people see no other alternative but to see the president make his stand by bringing the girls home, dead or alive. Do this, as this form of display will show the nation and the international community that possible pursuit of the next election means that the nation is being mobilized into a much stronger state in a secure and democratic manner. Guarantee the nation that there will be no presidential sleep until the day of the 2015 election on behalf of these girls, and let the real victory speech from Aso Rock, the presidential fortress, be about the girls, with them and their relatives gathering around you with their triumphant tears joining with yours and madam’s, screaming and shouting together, free at last, free at last!

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi, a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist as well as former Secretary-General of the Nigeria Psychological Association, is reachable on


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