BBNaija: The Content, not the Construct

WEDNESDAY Column by Israel A. Ebije

The content of the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality show held annually in South Africa has eroded into the sewer, as morality is fast becoming a forbidden mantra. George Orwell’s concept of Big Brother in his 1984 novel is a functional character representing a symbolic figure head, probably not a “head without figure”. The construct of the Big Brother Africa is expected to guide talents into stardom. The show according to sponsors is aimed at promoting talents by mentoring youths. How they are going about their core mandate is now very clear even for the weak in reasoning. For most Nigerians who opine the reality show should be held in Nigeria feeling shortchanged the “monies” for advert airing etc is lost should remember that what is lost is far more than money. For me, it is better the show of shame is held far from our clime. Though the cyber world brings to to our living rooms, psychologically we are spared of the sexual profligacy.
The 2017 BBNaija was frowned at by many for its explicit contents, the 2018 show has indeed dwarfed the height of indecency celebrated by Nigerian youths on international television. Sex has become a public language spoken by youths largely in their twenties. The sexual profanity largely derived from western culture is so celebrated by these handpicked youths whose skill or knowledge base may only be their willingness to be used as porn-stars. Yes, pornography is the center theme of the reality show. It is spreading like wildfire from South Africa to our living rooms across the continent. A lot of teenage kids in their formative moral skill set ages can watch the profligacy either on their parents television or on YouTube where detailed X-rated extracts are put on display. The reality program has indeed mentored a lot negatively, and the vicious circle is just beginning. So many youths in the ongoing show were teenagers when Big brother birthed, they waited in queues for their chance to “Stardom”.
The idea is to outdo predecessors in profanity. In the next few years, those watching the present reality of shame will do more obscene things in front of camera.
Adults cannot be stopped from conducting themselves anyway they deem fit, it is however instructive to examine the motive behind the show and the consequence for future generations of Nigerians, indeed African youths. Our focus has always been on sexual exports to Italy via Libya, others. We have not paused for once to contemplate on the use of Nigerians as “willing” sexual slaves on international television reality shows like BBNaija. Besides the fact that Nigerians indeed African youths are suffering from cultural imperialism, perpetual greed to get rich quick, is leading our youths to this despicable height of infamy. Is indeed pertinent to focus on possibilities of organizers of the show secretly coercing the youths either with threats or spiking their food or drinks with drugs. At least one of the recently evicted housemate revealed she flatly refused to indulge in sexual arts, citing it as reason she was removed.
The next level of the BBNaija indecency will be to promote gay relationship. Already two female housemates were seen tacitly touching themselves inappropriately. That may just be a rehearsal to what the reality show will be dishing Nigerians indeed the world very soon. The implied concept of the show is to destroy what is left of morality.
Only animals have sex in public, but today, humans have gone lower, exhibiting bestiality in public without regards to their parents, siblings and children unborn. They cannot be bordered about the permanency of the shameless pornographic videos they are making on all media platforms. Some have sex in the toilet. In the past a worst low for a girl is to be caught pants down in the toilet. Today some depraved people hail the act, claiming they are bold and audacious.
The show has produced more of startled elements more than stars. Some get the coveted money and empty it before they realize what hit them.
Last year winner is now rapping and people are yet to understand the direction of his music. Most of the housemates last year have been forgotten only remembered for their explicit indulgence in the house.
This year housemates will go the same road. Very soon, nobody will hear from them, they will however have their legacy in nudes on the internet – a major source of regret for many who will die with their shame. Sadly, many youths will be pulled in dragnets to ridicule themselves and family. They will be painted, glamourized falsely to dance according to the dictates of those using them as sexual puppets.
Millions of dollars will be made at their expense, and all they will have to show for is their three months stints as porn stars.
For me, religious values must be intensified to wad off these insanity called reality shows. Let me hail Muslims for the strict morale values. In the entire display of bestiality generously put on international television by organizers of Big Brother Africa or BBNaija, Muslims are hardly involved. Christianity teaches all the morality the Muslims adhere to, but Christians have a way of looking the other way. Imagine parents mobilizing communities to welcome their depraved children after returning from the porn theatres, shows how much the society has endorsed the profligacy. We must fight this evil by building competitive reality talent hunt shows. We have a lot of youths doing well academically and nobody is interested in encouraging them. The future of the society is what it does or fails to do. The critical mass towards a morally depraved society is building unless we clamp down on the ugly trend.

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