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Published On: Fri, Sep 26th, 2014

Bafarawa: Sokoto PDP’s albatross… (II)

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By Mohammed Mustapha

A nother shameful act by the PDP was the endorsement of Jonathan as the Presidential candidate of the party for the forthcoming general polls in 2015. This singular act by the party’s NEC, BOT, PDP Governors and others, is as shameless and undemocratic. It is however aimed at blocking the chances of other members of the party. Due to the failure of the PDP at the centre also, strikes by the various strata of workers, including failed mutinies, have now become the order of the day.

This is glaringly sequel to the failure of the federal government to meet its obligations to the workers and Nigerians. This is what informed the mutiny in Maiduguri which 12 soldiers have been sentenced to death by hanging. The blood of these innocent soldiers if eventually killed, will hunt all those responsible for nemesis never fail to take place. The PDP has now become a laughing stock in African politics and the weakest party in Africa, nay the opposite of its claim of being the strongest party in Nigeria and Africa.

In Sokoto state, the PDP is as Ebola infected as it is at the centre. Now it is the case of the ” blind leading the blind.” The party is being rocked by several crises and maladministration.

The PDP in Sokoto state is now going astray with a myriad of problems bedevilling the party. All of them, complex and complicated. To start with, the PDP is now factionalized with a spent force former governor Bafarawa leading the “new PDP” while all the founding members have ganged up against him and the party is already sinking as all those who matter have defected to the APC. The Ibrahim Milgoma -led state executive committee of the party which was sponsored by Bafarawa is seen as illegal, as its legality is now being challenged in the courts by some strong members of the party who felt short changed.

Their grouse is premised on the ground that the party’s constitution was flagrantly flouted and trampled upon during the recent congresses of the party. The climax was the state congress which saw Milgoma and co emerging as its leaders. According to one Alhaji M. D. Yusuf, a member of the PDP in Sokoto, “it is a law in the party that anybody who wants to contest in it must spend at least 18 months as its member. This provision was flouted in the above direction in the state. He further stated that some members of the party who had gone to the courts wanted justice to be carried out. They wanted the injustice to be urgently redressed and several other lapses in the emergence of Milgoma and company. Milgoma, for the avoidance of any doubt, is an errand boy of Bafarawa and he does his bidding, “at all costs” not minding whose ox is gored. “How can you even claim of conducting a successful state primary election without allowing those interested members who had purchased nomination forms to keenly contest? How can you claim of a consensus when actually the members had not consented to such an action”?

This was clear breach of the party’s constitution and the subject of litigation by the disgruntled members of the party. They say they want justice to be seen to be done, and not a single indivudual pocketing the party. Evidently, Bafarawa master-minded his election as the state chairman of the party and we will not allow visitors to control us. Consequently, the desired end-result is that Bafarawa had succeeded in pocketing the PDP in the state to the utter detriment of all its old members. This includes the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Mukhtari Shehu Shagari who is now confused and is not sure of where he belongs. He is neither here nor there and will soon become a political prostitute. He has refused to defect to the APC with Wamakko and his influence, hopes and aspirations in the party had withered. He certainly faces a bleak political future in the PDP.

The members of the PDP in the state are indeed in a great dilemma. They need to save it from the clutches of the businessman-cum-politician, Bafarawa. A stitch in time, they say saves nine. Even though, the PDP is gradually fading away. The members of the party are indeed in need of a leader like the APC’s Aliyu Wamakko. So, joining the APC will be the only lasting panacea for all the disgruntled elements in the PDP. Indeed, Bafarawa is currently the PDP’s albatross in the Sokoto state. The earlier they dispense with him and his cohorts, the better.

While the PDP like a sinking ship is fading away at the national level and even at the grassroots, the leading opposition party in the country, the APC is gaining more grounds, waxing stronger and stronger in the interest of the entire country. The APC popularity will be tested soon and the earlier the PDP realises this, the better for it to go.

Mohammed Mustapha wrote in from Off Kano road in Sokoto.


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