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Published On: Wed, Sep 24th, 2014

Bafarawa: Sokoto PDP’s albatross… (I)

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By Mohammed Mustapha

The fact that Nigeria has trudged on as a democratic nation from 1999 to date has never been in contention. The country has indeed survived all the formidable odds to remain strivingly afloat in the democratic waters. Several elections were held in the country at all levels across, with a myriad of leaders elected. This is truly democracy in action. In a true democracy, there are several electoral processes and the subsisting electoral laws. And in the case of Nigeria, the electoral act.

In Nigeria, there are several registered political parties with a wide- ranging varying manifestoes. The central government is currently being poorly handled by the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) . In Sokoto state, the All Progressives Congress (APC) is calling the shots. It is the government in power as successfully and triumphantly being piloted by an able and an indefatigable Captain, Dr Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, the Sarkin Yamman Sokoto.

Governor Wamakko left the PDP into the fold of the people-oriented and masses-targeted APC as a result of the misrule of the PDP. The Governor has never wavered in discharging his duties diligently and implementing the laudable manifesto of the party. This, the Sarkin Yamman Sokoto has been engaged in the logical implementation of an array of programmes and policies aimed at further uplifting the standard of living of the entire people of the state.The governor has remained resolute, dogged, accountable and truly committed to the cause of the people and the success of the APC, which is now the only hope of Nigeria’s common man. He left the PDP to the APC together with hundreds of thousands of his supporters across the state. Since then, the APC has continued to wax stronger and stronger.

In the PDP, however, the Cookie continues to crumble. The party in the state, just like at the national level is in shambles as its centre can no longer hold. The APC in Sokoto state, for instance can now boast of all those who matter politically and otherwise in the state. Is it the dogged- fighter Ummarun Kwabo? Is it the astute Administrator and seasoned technocrat, Maigari Dingyadi? Or is it the former Deputy Governor, Chiso Dattijo Abdullahi? The list is endless. In fact, as all the former perceived henchmen and field political Commanders of the now-derided former Governor Attahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa, have now realised the truth.

They have now realized that all the true democrats, all those whose passion is the love of the people and all those who are true indigenes of the Seat of the Caliphate are now in the APC. Consequently, they wasted no time in taking the right decision to move into the APC, hence, emulated the people’s Governor, Dr Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko. Coming back to the theme of this laconic piece, the PDP in Nigeria has woefully failed the citizens. This is truly so both at the national level and in the states. There is little wonder therefore when Wamakko and his co-patriots who General Babangida described as gallant democrats took the right decision to leave for APC.

A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. This singular action of Governor Wamakko and others was apt, just as it was timely and plausible. The PDP and its weak national leader and green-hornish President Goodluck (Ebola) sorry, Ebele Jonathan had indeed disappointed Nigerians. This reminds me of a lyric of one of the songs of a popular Nigerian Musician, ” Nigeria jaga-Jaga.” Indeed, Nigeria now is at a crossroads. The leader and pilot,and the boat of PDP has been rocked. It had since sunk, with Nigerians aboard.

One finds it hard to even start to X-ray the various ways that the PDP had failed Nigerians. The ways it had failed to deliver on its promises. The ways it had abandoned its cause and manifesto. Nigeria is for instance now being bogged down by an alarming rate of insecurity. The life of an ordinary Nigerian now does not in any measure equal that of an ant. The various forms of insecurity as diverse and compacted as the Ocean’s waters. The menace manifests in the forms of kidnappings, oli bunkering, Boko Haram, armed robbery, abductions, unravelled assasinations, lack of infrastructure and a host of others.The case of the Boko Haram insurgency in the North and other parts of the country has indeed become a hard nut to crack for the various security agencies. The Chibok girls are yet to be rescued from the clutches of the Boko Haram insurgents, with the President even afraid to visit the Sambisa forest, and the north east in general. This obnoxious development is unfolding just as the nation’s security and defence

Chiefs had maintained that they are “on top of the situation.”

Defenceless and helpless Nigerians have however remained vulnerable. They have continued to be killed, maimed and displaced. Millions of innocent citizens have become refugees in their own land.

Our roads are no longer safe. The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) has continued to withhold its power, leaving Nigerians in the dark, with our hitherto flourishing companies now crumbled. This has triggered the rate of unrivalled unemployment, poverty, hunger and deprivation, with the youths of one section of the country, the north being treated as second class citizens.This is courtesy of the nose-diving PDP-led central goverment of the political novice, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. The PDP and its government in the centre and in the states are indeed colossal failure.The PDP-led central government is indeed bereft of any focus, purpose or direction. It has lost direction and it is worshipping corruption, with selfish and shylock zealots like Diezani Allison – Madueke being shielded by the selective arm of the law. Several cases of corruption abound in the country, which should have led to the immediate resignation of the President in an ideal democracy.. The PDP and its flag bearers have indeed since abdicated their duties.

All these misrules are going on, while the PDP has been waging a campaign of calumny against the darling of Nigerians, the APC and its torch-bearers. Well, thanks to our Australian friend, Dr Steven Davis who has finally exposed them. The recent impeachment of the former Governor of Adamawa state, Admiral Murtala Nyako, retired was the brain child of the PDP while the party’s diabolical attempts had however failed in Nasarrawa and Sokoto states respectively. The people in these states love, cherish and defend the APC with their blood. The PDP had however militarized the recent Ekiti gubernatorial elections, but failed utterly in the subsequent Osun state elections. This is just a tip of the iceberg, with 2015 just around the corner.

Mohammed Mustapha wrote in from Off Kano road in Sokoto.


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