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Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2018

Away with female wrestling, boxing, football

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Tuesday Column By VICTORIA NGOZI IKEANO 08033077519

Let me begin by stating right away that I am aware that my female colleagues or better said my fellow women may say that I am pulling the carpet from under their feet by not recognising the ‘glory’ and ‘prestige’ which female football et al has brought to womenfolk and the country at large. They will point to the international laurels which our female footballers had garnered. I guess that is what emboldened our football administrators to take female football a notch higher by instituting a female premier league. And the International Olympic Committee had also introduced, female wrestling, female boxing and female weightlifting to its games for which our Nigerian girls now compete too. But I say with all the energy I can muster that they should be disbanded. I shall not tire of opposing them with the last drop of my pen, last tap of my keyboard. Women of all ages should desist from such coarse activities as football, wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, which are harmful to their bodies and soul. It is not true that what a man can do a woman can also do, much more, do better. No.
The physical build of both sexes are distinct and this determines the activities they are cut out for by Nature. Men with their muscular structure are made for rough kind of activities and women for feminine, finer activities. In the wordings themselves, we find the right conception. For example for men we link the word muscular, and what does the word muscular conjure in our minds? ‘Gra gra’, ‘gbam gbam’ kinds of things; while the word feminine light up in our minds’ eyes, something soft, finesse, finer. This does not mean that women are the weaker sex as is generally believed. Indeed, women are stronger than men inwardly. Womanhood is nearer to the source of all power from On High. In fact that power which the Almighty in His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy allows to stream down for the maintenance of Creation and which we use at the very infinitesimal level for our everyday activities first all touches the woman who is then expected to dispense it to the man. In the structure of Creation women are supposed to be dispensers but alas women have failed in their sacred duty through corruption of soul. Women bear the greater responsibility for the turmoil in our world today for they primarily determine the quality of their off-springs. Indeed the destiny of any nation rests with its womenfolk …this is a topic for another day which one may be permitted to dwell upon when the opportunity presents itself.
Now, both male and female are one specie, the splitting having occurred as we journeyed down; the male is the positive and female negative, this gives rise to the equal armed vertical and horizontal beam representation. The two complement each other in their activity, which are, men in their positive (coarse) activity and women in negative (finer) kind of activities. Now like I stated the kind of activity both sexes are to engage in have been ordained by Nature and each has been equipped naturally through its make-up to excel in those kinds of activity. It is therefore, a fallacy to say that what a man can do a woman can do and vice versa. None can perform the other’s role as well as the other. Should a man or a woman defy the natural order and engage in activities reserved for the other, it will result in caricatures, distortions. Sports experts will affirm that female football, female wrestling, female boxing is not as “interesting” as those of men and women cannot carry as much weight as men. Should you yourself watch it, you will notice the huge difference arising from fact that women are not cut out for such activities. The knowing one will see something more, deeper.
Watching in the midst of others, you will hear such unpremeditated comments as, “see how she played, headed that ball, box like a man; she is playing, fighting like a man”. You will further hear remarks in our local pidgin like, “she get power like man”. This is by no means a complement for the lady at whom they are directed. It shows that everybody senses and knows deep down in their hearts that this is not a woman’s field. Now, those females involved in these sports as a profession are tending towards masculinity. Overtime they develop male features and in a next incarnation they become what are called distorted souls. That is, their physiqu is male but their soul is feminine (its fundamental core from the very beginning). This results in several social problems, including sexual pervasions, one aspect of which is termed lesbianism. There are other consequences which shall not be discussed here because this is an article, not a scholarly treatise.
What is said of females also applies to males. That is to say those men who partake in feminine (negative) types of activities as a life-long profession also at a later incarnation on earth become distorted souls with its concomitant problems. Distorted souls are neither here nor there. They are neither genuine women nor genuine men and they end up not finding true happiness (I do not mean contentment which money can buy, but inner peace).
You will also notice that some female footballers, female boxers, female weightlifters and their ilk that are enmeshed in masculine kinds of activities have some male characteristics. Hence we also get remarks as “look at her, she looks like a man”. This is another level of one that is tending towards becoming a distorted soul. Thus the distortion is a long process – overtime women that suffuse themselves in predominantly positive (coarse) activities first manifest male characteristics while still retaining their female physique and then at their next incarnation on earth, they are born as men with male physique but their soul (core) remains fundamentally female, feminine. The two do not match. And therein lays the distortion. Such distortions whether it be a distorted female soul or distorted male soul has adverse consequences for the person concerned as well as his/her environment.
For women though, the consequences are more far reaching for we thereby trample underfoot a gift which the Creator bestowed on us as bearers of Light. What shall it profit a female footballer, female boxer, female wrestler, and female weightlifter to gain the whole world and lose her soul? I call on our womenfolk at all levels to use everything at their disposal to stop these girls, present and future, from treading this path. It leads to perdition. Let it not be said that we watched idly while our male decision-makers led us sheepishly to the altar of damnation. The guilt is ours.

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