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Published On: Mon, Aug 11th, 2014

AU proceedings faulted for non-inclusion of Hausa translation

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From Ahmed  Kaigama, Bauchi

Managing Director of Damagix Nig. Ltd/Oil & Gas Services, Dahiru Mohammed Kafi has faulted the African Union (AU) proceedings for the non-inclusion of Hausa as one of the proceedings’ translation.

“I was disappointed that the proceedings of the African Union, Hausa Language is not one of the translations and by my analysis, I could be faulted; there are no less than 200 million Africans speaking in Hausa language”, Kafi remarked.

He added, “From the countries that I took their population and the general analysis I made, there will not be less than 200 million Africans that are speaking Hausa language, and yet Hausa language is not one of the translations proceeding in the African Union.

Dahiru Mohammed Kafi, in a press chat in Bauchi yesterday, expressed regret that ‘Swahili, being spoken by not even up to 100 million people in East African countries, has been one of the languages translated into the Union’s proceedings.

He however apportioned blames to the Hausa speaking people in the continent for their inability to promote the language, saying that Hausa is the largest spoken language in Africa.

Kafi explained that Hausa language is being spoken across almost all North African countries, stressing, “Hausa is spoken right from Mauritania across Mali, across North African countries”.

According to him, in Nigeria alone there are not less than 50 million people speaking Hausa language, whereas the entire Niger Republic people or precisely about 90% speak Hausa.

“It is a huge disappointment, in fact I’m more disappointed in us, Hausa speakers than I’m with the African Union, because somebody has to promote that issue in the African Union, nonchalant attitude made it impossible to even promote Hausa language”, he faulted.

Alhaji Kafi also appreciated the contribution to African Unity by a Zaria based poet, Abubakar Ladan with his poem, “Hada Kanmu Afurka Muso Juna”, but which has not been recognized by the African Union.

“In my opinion that poem is a master piece, and I made an attempt to reach African Union on a personal ground just to make sure that this guy is recognized and I’m still on it”, he stated.

Kafi, therefore, counseled the African Union to statistics of the languages spoken in the continent and the number of people speaking certain language and evaluate with a view to considering Hausa as a language in the proceedings of the Union.

“The Arabs in Africa are definitely less than 200 million, French speaking people in Africa are less than 200 million, but I understand there has also been Portuguese, only two countries speak Portuguese in the continent”, he recalled.

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