Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

Atiku Abubakar and his Path

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Alhaji Atiku Abubakar


When elections are conducted and concluded based on stipulated laws, it is expedient that anyone who has grievance(s) with the conduct of the elections should seek redress in the court of law. The path Atiku Abubakar of the PDP took after much deliberation: to go to court to challenge the outcome of the February 23 presidential election of 2019 is considered an honourable decision.
Before the elections, Atiku was guaranteed of victory at the polls by the very people who consider themselves specialist in manoeuvring and usurping the will of Nigerians since 1983 (and especially, since the return to democratic governance in 1999). He had subsequently released and invested a bulk of his savings in the project because he was sure it would pay off. An alignment with his erstwhile enemy, Obasanjo further strengthened his self-assurances towards victory at the polls.
Why would he not be confident? These people along with him had successfully rigged almost every election in the past except the 2015 polls that caught everyone unawares. At one time in the past they even insist that 16 is more than 19( In the Governors Forum’s Election ) These were all manifestations of their corrupt tendencies.
The journey to Dubai was a ratification of a sure winning strategy that doesn’t consider or respect the will of Nigerian electorates. The Dubai meeting was a concoction of plans to collectively rob the entire voting population of Nigeria and win the presidential election through cheating, deceit and unholy manipulations of the electoral processes.
The major strategies produced by the unrighteous propositions from Dubai contained three elements. The first was the grand plan to internally disrupt the balance in the political atmosphere of the country with lies and unfounded propagandas against the sitting President.
They were so good at it but the problem was that Nigerians have become so enlightened to sieve the lies and discard unbecoming propagandas. This is responsible for the ineffectiveness of all the lies from Atiku, his running mate and their ground soldiers. That was why the Amina Zakari issue, the ownership of 9-mobile and the many other fabrications from the campaign council of Atiku Abubakar were all dead on arrival.
We all remember the vice-presidential debate and the myriad of unnecessary concoction of figures and lies to deceive Nigerians to accept the candidacy of Atiku and the good job Nigerians did after the program to rebuke PDP for reducing itself so low.
The second plan was the engagement of the services of Mr. Brian D. Ballard of the BALLARD PARTNERS, a US based company, for jobs ranging from lobbying for Atiku to enter United States and manipulate the electoral system electronically. Mr. Brian and his office on a contractual agreement worth $90,000 (N31.5m) on a monthly basis throughout the duration of the contract came under obligation to pave way for Mr. Atiku to enter the US despite a long standing presidential order which banned him, the organization that was somewhat allegedly perfected of a cyber-attack.
It was for this purpose that PDP insisted on the passing of the electoral law that will approve only electronic transmission of election results from the field. The company responsibility was to bring in the technology and train the manpower to use it locally. The proposed software would jam the INEC server and automatically replace several documents on transmission. No wonder the PDP was still busy pushing its luck by blackmailing the commission to abandon manual transmission of results till few days to the election.
The PDP planned to create a serious unprecedented integrity issue for INEC and the conduct of the election . How will INEC explain the existence of a near legitimate result from its server favouring the PDP as against its own authentic recorded result in favour of another candidate? There would be cry of rigging and possible ground for litigation and finally an opportunity for PDP to go down gracefully as the cheated one instead of a villain that has been disgraced or who attempted to compromise the election. Unfortunately using manual transmission of result was not enough reason to detract Atiku from going ahead to present his concocted “ back end server “result.
The third alleged unrighteous agenda from Dubai was the strategic placement of the suspended CJN Walter Onnoghen. The singular expected duty of the then CJN as alleged was to await the day the presidential election litigation would get to his court and simply throw all caution to the air and fault the victory of President Buhari and declare Atiku winner of the election and President-elect. The fact remains that after such pronouncement, the country will become chaotic; there would be chaos but the pronouncement like God’s word, stands.
We all have providence to thank God for exposing the PDP and prevent such electorate theft as planned. You would imagine the veracity with which PDP responded to the suspension of CJN and threatened to upturn Nigeria if the decision was not rescinded, but unfortunately it was too late for them. As soon as it was confirmed that Onnoghen is gone forever, Atiku started mulling losing and what happens after that.
It was clear that the entire Dubai plan was a trash and failure because it lacks the basic elements of healthy participation in the democratic game of election; it was filled with evil arrangements intended to usurp the powers of the people in the country.
Nigeria has grown beyond manipulation and cohesion to unhealthy submission and acceptance of lies. PDP lost contact with reality; the party was of the opinion that Nigerians were the same people they manipulated for 16 years and had their ways all through but the table turned and it was not business as usual any longer.
Returning from Dubai, Atiku became self-assured of victory. He went about the campaign like an incumbent who was in tune with the electorates and already has victory within reach. While the ruling party was busy campaigning, Atiku and PDP visited only 23 states out of 36 states and even conveniently ignored the seat of power, FCT. They stood for their plans to play out like dogs waiting to be unleashed.
The centre could not hold for them any longer when things began to fall apart. After all the lies and the paid propaganda against the President the latter only got more popular. INEC insisted on mass usage of card readers alongside simultaneous voting after all attempts to destroy and or incapacitated the machine failed and eventually, the almighty option Onnoghen failed too.
It was at this point that Atiku should have thrown in the towel, but he chose to live in denial of reality. While elections dates were shifted by INEC, he came out pointing accusing fingers at President Buhari for shifting the dates; while results were being collated, he went on air to reject a result that was not yet out; to Atiku the election was credible in Oyo state and a list of other states where he won, the president and his party alleged contorted plans to rig the election in favour of the president left Lagos alone. PDP had a field day in Lagos as the party garnered almost 40% of the votes cast in the presidential election in the state.
PDP claims that the APC planned to rig the election in Kano for President Buhari yet approximately 2 million voters came out to vote in Kano out of almost 5 million registered voters and there was no inflation of the figures but when the voters’ turnout in the southeast and south-south affected the PDP figures, Atiku alleged it was APC orchestrated plan to disenfranchise the people of the region that played out.
Having lost the election, the desperation of Atiku to win the election began to show. He made attempt to heat up the polity and incite an uprising against the government but he gave up too soon as the drama of going to court to challenge the result began.
Next, Atiku Abubakar and his PDP cohorts release a fake result that gave him victory at the polls. He claimed to have gotten the alleged result from INEC back end server but accessing the server is a serious violation of the cyber crime act 2015 so he was quick to change the narrative and claimed it was a whistleblower who leaked the result to them. Whatever the case may be, when we get to that point, whoever attempt to accessing the server unauthorized would answer the right questions.
When the news of Atiku’s engagement of another lobbyist group in the US came out, my immediate reaction was that he is entitled to what he does with his money and time. If he thinks the US could in any way intervene in a legitimate process in a sovereign state like Nigeria and usurp the will of the people for him, he still has the right to such illusions.
My only problem with that act is that how can someone who just aspired to become the president of Nigeria manifest such low understanding of international politics as well as the innate right of Nigeria and Nigerians to decide their fate when it comes to such issue under consideration. Even if there are infractions in the election, where does the right of US to do what Atiku proposed originates from?
We must however remember the report of the US observer team on the credibility of the presidential election. In tandem with that of the team from UK who ascertained that the results declared by INEC was in agreement with the result from the field at their disposal.
But now the decision of Atiku to produce posters of himself addressed as the rightful president of Nigeria is a play taken too far. His lawyer should have reminded him the same case is already in court and his action now will amount to pre-empting the court.
Declaring himself the president of a country with a president in place is tantamount to treason. At this point, if he is not called to order, then we would be setting a precedence we would not be proud of in the future , I see some of Atiku’s surrogate like Femi
Fani Kayode have started inciting people to stage an insurrection to oust a constitutionally elected government (via his verified Twitter handle) : .
My final word is that no one is above the law. The security agencies must, as a point of duty, bring all those behind such unlawful acts in and now before things get out of hand. This should be taken seriously for the love of country and duty towards our national existence.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria !

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