Associated airlines pay N80m initial compensation for crash victims

From Suleiman Idris, Lagos

Families of sixteen victims of the October 3rd 2013 Associated Airlines crash in Lagos, yesterday were given an initial $30, 000 each compensation as stipulated by the ICAO regulations for dead passengers.

Representatives of the dead gathered at the Adeniyi Jones Avenue office of the airline in Lagos where they were handed forms to fill by a commercial bank official at the ceremony conducted secretly.

Our reporter gathered that the cash were not directly handed over to the families but were asked to access the payment via the bank.

A family member who received the initial payment, told Peoples Daily the airline promised to settle the outstanding $70, 000 when all investigations into the circumstances surrounding the crash have been concluded.

The International Civil Association Organisation (ICAO) regulations stipulated that an initial $30, 000 be paid to dead victims’ families of accident pending investigations into the crash.

Deputy General Manager, Public Affairs of NCAA, Samuel Adurogboye confirmed that 3 other representative did not turned up while 4 others still have issues yet to be settled with the airline.

Meanwhile, Arik Air yesterday alerted air travelers of new security measures put in place at Nigerian airports by the Federal Government and advised all intending air travelers to set out early for their flights to avoid loss of travel time.

The airline stated that the Federal Government has put extra security measures in place at all airports and this could cause traffic snare on airport roads leading to unforeseen delays or missed flights for travellers.

The new security measures being implemented by government has led to visible presence of more security personnel across the nation’s airports, it said in a statement.

Adebanji Ola, the airline spokesperson said “Passengers are also advised to familiarize themselves with check-in procedures at the airport. Arik Air check-in counters open two hours before departure for Domestic flights, three hours for Regional and four hours for International flights.

“All passengers must have completed check-in for their flights prior to check-in closure which is 30 minutes (for Domestic Flights), 45 minutes (Regional Flights) and 90 minutes (for International Flights) before the scheduled departure time,” he told reporters.


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