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Published On: Wed, Jul 9th, 2014

… As NASFAT dissociates Islam from acts of terrorism

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By Stanley Onyekwere

Abuja branch of the Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society (NASFAT) has joined other Muslims organisations and stakeholders in dissociating Islam and the Holy Qur’an from every acts of terrorism.

The society made this point at the weekend, during its 4th Special Ramadan Lecture titled: ‘Islam and Global Peace, Values, Objectives and Action.’

The branch chairman, Dr. Raji Mustapha, in his welcome address said, the theme, was timely, especially at this critical period of nation’s desperate search for peace.

Condemning what it described as devilish unleashing of terror on the people, the society called on the leaders at all levels to stand up and resolve to change the state of everybody’s conscience by renouncing immorality in all manners that its manifests in acts of governance as well as with the fellowship.

“This would surely remove clear barriers that have hampered our prayers for true and lasting peace and progress in Nigeria,” he said.

Similarly, the branch missioner, Sharafudeen Ali-Agan, said the unrest being experienced in the land now is a global phenomenon not peculiar to Nigeria.

“The unrest is not only in Nigeria but all over the world. What we need to understand is that it’s a sign of the end time and both Muslims and non-Muslims are moving away from their doctrines of their belief, until we are able to come back to what we believe in sincerely.

“If Muslims are practicing Islam the way Prophet Muhammad had practice it there wouldn’t be all these uprising, unrest, terrorism and the rest of them.

According to him, both Muslims and non-Muslims today are only practicing their religion without proper knowledge of their faith; “so they are misrepresenting their faith.”

The missioner however suggested some of the ways forward to include; having sound education, eradication of poverty and justice in the land.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere; Government should believe in justice, when we have justice around us definitely this problem will come to an end and there would be peace in Nigeria and the rest of the world,” he said.

Also, the guest speaker and President, UFUK Dialogue Foundation, Ustaz Diricam Ogunzhan, said, Muslim communities should focus on religion and sound education of children to have global peace.

He urged the government to work more to build better environment for the new generation, who will in turn bring the peace not only to the country but also to the world.

“What we need for those children for good education is more values, social sciences, scientific sciences and also religious values.

“We should also build better environment for our new generation; good schools, good universities, getting employment facilities,” he said.

On his part, chairman of the occasion, Dr. Ado Muhammed, said those involved in acts of terror are not Muslims or Christians, because both religions teaches peace.

“Islam do not encourage killing, Islam is a religion of peace and I think people involved in this act of terrorism are people we can’t say that they are Muslims or Christians because both religion preaches peace; so maybe they are different set of people but definitely not Christians or Muslims,” he stressed.

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