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Published On: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

As Jonathan declares 2015: 375 Borno rented crowd clash over N3m largesse

President Goodluck Jonathan, acknowledging cheers from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters, during declaration of his intention to contest for 2015 presidential race, yesterday at the Eagle Square, in Abuja.

President Goodluck Jonathan, acknowledging cheers from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters, during declaration of his intention to contest for 2015 presidential race, yesterday at the Eagle Square, in Abuja.
Photo: Joe Oroye

By Mashe Umaru Gwamna,Najib Hussaini,Lawrence Olaoye & Ado Abubakar Musa, Jos with agency report.

An estimated 375 youths from Borno state yesterday clashed over 3milion naira allegedly given to them to support President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration in Abuja.

The youths who attacked one another with words and blows came from various local government councils of Borno state such as: Gwoza , Gosha and Pulka. They alleged that N1million was given to them in their village to support the president declaration yesterday.

Other angry youths from Kirawa ,Chinene, Ashiga Shiya and Ambawa also alleged they were given N1m right from their state.

The youths assembled themselves alongside 75 vehicles around the Nicon plaza in the central business area in Abuja saying, they came from Borno state to Abuja to support President Goodluck Jonathan, Sen. Modu sheriff defection to PDP, Sen Peter Biye Gumthan , for his aspiration in People Democratic Party [PDP] .

The youths apparently came in 75 Gulf vehicles with each one carrying no less than 5 persons.

In the process of sharing an additional N1million allegedly given to them after the President’s declaration, chaos arose among the gathering, because the money was not shared on pro-rata basis, as some were given N2000 each while others got N3,500 .

An anonymous youth revealed that “they came from Borno, to support their leaders for being in the wining party where they will have a strong and recognized government that would always speak with the voice of the masses so that they will have peace and harmony in the state.”

He added that they want their leaders to be recognized in the government, so that, the killing of innocent souls by the so called Boko Haram insurgence will be a thing of history.

He said many of their sisters and brothers were killed, their houses were vandalized, they no longer have access to their resident, their businesses do no longer exist, they are not enjoying any provision made by the government.

Another youth by the name, Tadad Ghulza said they are expecting a positive change in the 2015 upcoming election, because they are tired of the present situation they are now.

He said they came with about 75 cars to support their state aspirants as they always struggle to have daily bread and feed their children that are luckily saved from the so called Boko Haram

However, President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday gave reasons why he deserved a second term in office as the nation’s president.

He said he yielded to the call on him by several groups to re-contest the Presidency in 2015 in order to face the challenges bedeviling the country.

Jonathan while making his formal declaration to contest the presidency in Abuja Tuesday said, “History has shown that the path of honour for any true leader is not to walk away from his people in moments of challenges. We must stand together in adversity and overcome all threats to our development. We must defend our future, for the sake of our children.

He said his administration has tackled corruption significantly, disclosing that he had weeded out 56000 ghost workers from the civil service and saved the nation about N162 billion.

The President who said he has successfully eradicated corruption in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, added that he had instructed the anti corruption agencies (ICPC) to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.

“After seeking the face of God and consulting my family and to the call of all people ‎nationwide to run, I Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan has accepted to present myself ‎to run. I promise to work with all. I see a different Nigeria that the next generation,” he declared.

Few minutes after President Jonathan’s declaration, the Jama’atu Nasrul Islam (JNI), declared that it would not accept Jonathan’s candidature.

The JNI said the president did not show concern and pity for the vulnerable Nigerians who are being killed currently in the country and no tangible action was being put in place to protect their lives.

JNI made the lamentation yesterday through its secretary, Dr Khalid Aliyu when interviewed on the Hausa Service of the BBC monitored in Jos on JNI’s position in relation to the President’s declaration amid Boko Haram insurgency bedeviling most part of the Nigeria’s North.

The secretary noted that, “No reasonable person will declare political interest when people are being killed. We are not happy and not supporting it.”, he added.

Also in his reaction to the president’s declaration, a human right activist of the Human Right Congress, Comrade Shehu Sani, told the BBC that Jonathan’s declaration amid lose of lives and property in the country signaled that the president didn’t give relevance to the lives and property of Nigerian citizenry just as he said not less than fourteen hours, students were killed in Government Science School Potiskum, yet Jonathan went ahead with his declaration.

Sani added that Jonathan had no mercy on Nigerians and lacked compassion, explaining that, “no human being whether Muslim or Christian would declare political interest just hours after a deadly terror attack


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