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Published On: Thu, Oct 25th, 2018

As Buhari’s credibility gathers momentum

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By Muhammad Ajah

Let me begin this piece with a very resounding appreciation of the former US Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell, who has come out, though belatedly, to say the truth about Buhari’s buoyancy in the past Nigerian political dispensations. Recently in an interview with Channels TV, he declared that Buhari won the three past Presidential elections in 2003, 2007 and 2011 but he was rigged out of victory. According to him, his affirmation was reached after his investigations while he was still in Nigeria. Three times victorious! Three times rigged out by force! Three times frustrated at the Supreme Court!
Campbell has made me and Nigerian democrats proud. My support for Buhari dates back to 2003 because of who he has been. The US envoy cannot just raise a dust. He has confirmed Buhari’s personality, trustworthiness and acceptability by Nigerians since over a decade ago. His book: “Nigeria, What everyone needs to know” contains a lot of revelations about Nigeria and its political leaderships. With this revelation, we can recall that Buhari defeated Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003, defeated Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2007 and defeated Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan twice in 2011, then in 2015. So, the three losers had foisted themselves on Nigerians through the grip of their then party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
With this, it is clear indication that the PDP has remained unpopular since its formation and imposition on Nigerians in 1999. This further explains why its initiators preferred to use “power” as its slogan, implying that it thrives on force and imposition rather than popularity and acceptability. Methinks Campbell’s book is now a whistleblower that should be stalked in libraries across Nigeria and used for studies in Nigerian universities especially for political and history students. It is a book every lover of Nigeria and her fledging democracy should possess.
Campbell explained how the rigging was perfected by the PDP: “I arrived at that conclusion by talking to people who were intimately connected with the entire process that includes individuals and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are foreign based and Nigeria based. I think the rigging took place not so much at the polling units but at the places where the results from the polling units were brought together”. Although many world leaders had indirectly inferred this, Campbell’s is the clearest testimony, being a witness and the representative of the highest revered democracy guardian in the world, the United States of America.
I would have loved to title this piece as the part two of my former article “the supernaturalism in Buharimatics”. But I just let it be due to the far-reaching positive reactions I received from the first. My readers, I prefer, should enjoy different headings. I have received commendations and condemnations for focusing my write-ups so much on Buhari these days. Some of those who have commended me think that I have a strong relationship with Buhari himself, especially after seeing me once having a handshake with him in the Aso Rock Villa. I emphatically say yes, I do. The relationship between me and Buhari is a strong one: Nigeria and the Nigerian change project. Some of my admirers even sent in requests and proposals for me to take to Buhari.
On the other hand, some of those who have condemned me are basically shy or to put it more appropriately scared of the bare truth about Buhari. They do not like Buhari because he is good. Anything that relates to Buhari is abhorrent to them. How more a lover who sings about him in the media! But because in some cases I would prefer the reader to decide and judge me, some often asked what my position about Buhari was. But I think this category is of those who have not been following me for sometimes.
I have come to realize that Buhari is a supernatural human being. His resilience has no boundary. His patience is in the superlative. His humility stands out and his nationalist spirit soars higher than any of the living Nigerian politicians. He is like the date palm whose parts are cure to sicknesses. He is like the diamond whose worth can never be devalued with the dirt of sand. The more they try to devalue Buhari, the more his popularity springs up from within and from outside the shores of Nigeria. I tried my best in my previous articles to expose, despite the opposition by some disgruntled Nigerian political elites, Buhari’s popularity amongst world leaders, Nigerian political elite, the traditional and religious leaders as well as the Nigerian populace.
Besides the forthcoming elections, Buhari has attained the greatest heights and admiration that no ex-Nigerian leader has attained. From America to Europe and from Africa to Asia, Buhari has become like a new bride in world politics. World leaders invite him to address them at world events, not to just attend and talk, but because he proffers practical and achievable solutions to international cum controversial matters. He also foretells peradventures. Just like he is doing in Nigeria with sincerity and utmost nationalism, countries have developed strong interests, unlike before, to partner with Nigeria in key areas for mutual benefits. The United States of America, Britain, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and a host of world powers in politics and economy are comfortable with Buhari. He has brought back Nigeria’s lost reputation.
In Africa, Buhari is like the African President. Nothing can be as remarkable as being a champion in the war against corruption in Africa. Africa has remained underdeveloped because of the twin cankerworms of corruption and power tussle. No policy consistency. No practicable long term measures. And no selflessness in service. No single African country has not been ravished by fiscal mismanagement and power abuse. Power-drunkenness is anything common in the African continent. That is evident not only in the political circle but all other institutionally recognized foundations. Recall the causes of communal clashes in Africa to appreciate the point I have raised.
In Nigeria, the people are happy with Buhari. What I mean by the people are Nigerians who love Nigeria and not Nigerians who hate Nigeria. The haters are few, though powerful because of the wealth they had stolen from the nation’s treasury. They claim to love Nigeria when all their actions since 1999 and till date are not in tune with the acclaimed love. Why can’t they surmount the courage and allow Nigeria to be? Have they not done enough harm to this great nation? They know that the great traditional rulers, their eminences, their majesties and their royal highnesses are in support of Buhari’s continuity till 2023 for stability. They know that those religious leaders who love Nigeria love Buhari’s leadership and want him to continue till 2023. They know that the Nigerian commoners who see hope in their future and appreciate God’s intervention in 2015 want Buhari to continue till 2013. What is it that they do not know about Buhari?
If not that politics is mostly joyful who oppositions counter themselves, I would have appealed to those opposing Buhari to console themselves by accepting the crushing truth. They know that they are not opposing Buhari because of national interest. Their interests are more parochial than conventional. They are definitely shy of the emerging achievements of the current government, or to succinctly put it, scared of the gradual establishment and exposure of the atrocities they committed against Nigerian and her citizens. They, as a party, are realizing the huge opportunities they had wasted in fixing Nigeria due to lust and wickedness.
But that is the beauty of politics. I would have thought that they are wasting their precious times, resources and energies in futility. Opposition is required in a democracy. Parties must oppose themselves. Political interests must clash. Interests must be diverse. Manifestoes must be juxtaposed. And the electorates must be given the full opportunity to participate in all the electioneering processes. There must be a conducive atmosphere for the electorate. To me, Buhari is Nigeria’s President till 2023, God’s willing. Yet, I am very sure that he is not a desperate politician. He is posed to conducting free and fair polls. On this note, Nigerians must not die for 2019 general elections. Government must ensure protection of lives and properties before, during and after the elections.
I hope that when the presidential campaign begins on Novermber18, according to the timetable scheduled by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the opposition will focus on issues rather than hate speeches. There is virtually nothing unsaid by the opposition about Buhari. But truth does not die. There is no vacancy in Aso Rock. Buhari grows from strength to strength, steadily above the skirmish of unproductive political resistance and shinning above politicians who are stained with the filth of corruption, irresponsibility and wicked coalition. May the Almighty God make it easy for the leader of Nigerian people, Muhammadu Buhari, to sail through the murky waters and snares being mounted up against him as 2019 elections draw nearer. Ameen.

Muhammad Ajah is an advocate of humanity, peace and good governance in Abuja. E-mail

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