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Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

As Buhari gets set to run for President again

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BuhariBy Abbas Yushau Yusuf

October 15 2014 marked yet another milestone on the political Journey of former Head of State General Muhammadu Buhari when he declared to contest stand as a presidential candidate in the 2015 general elections. Nigeria’s political history will be fully written without a mention of Buhari, who like the late political sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo, has offered himself several times to lead his nation, including the Late Malam Aminu Kano, SGIkoku, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe.

The sea of personalities that greeted the declaration at Eagle Square inspired hope on the teeming Nigerian Masses who have seen a messiah in the Lanky General who served his country deli gently as a soldier and as a Public Servant, when I sighted the Likes of Chief AuduOgbeh a vibrant politician since the days of the second republic i felt a sigh of relief that the General had started smelling Victory as he will not find it difficult in taking the two third of votes cast in the 36 states of the federation as stipulated in the 1999 constitution of Nigeria.

Having the likes of Audu Ogbeh in the Generals Campaign Trail is a good omen due to the fact that he came from a region which is the citadel of dividing Nigerians along Ethnicity and religion that is the Middle Belt, Politicians mostly from the south use that region to scatter the votes of a Presidential candidate Mainly from the Northwest by using religion to manipulate the voters.

The General had contested thrice on the Platform of ANPP and CPC but due to the electoral System in Nigeria where the ruling party mobilise the Government machinery for rigging, its no longer News that he was not declared winner.

Since the president needs the vote of Every Nigerian to occupy the Presidential Villa General Buhari has no axe to grind this time as his party the APC has representation in Every Geopolitical Zone in Nigeria.

The Southwest that formed the chunk of Southern votes had most of its states controlled by the APC. And with the alliance by the alpha and omegas of the southwest politics the victory for the APC in the forthcoming presidential elections is a forgone conclusion.

In the history of elections in Nigeria there was no politician that garnered the massive support General Muhammadu Buhari had since his entry to the murky waters of Nigerian Politics. According to columnist Jideofor Adibe, after the 2011 presidential election. ‘’The call for the arrest of General Buhari by Pastor Ayo ortsejeifor is myopic due to his cult like following in the North’’ Adibe was referring to CAN president to Shelve his call on Buharis arrest due to the violence that greeted the 2011 polls.

While others who are terrified by the General’s mass appeal say he is the political Idol of Northerners, with someone who won the heart of the young, the old, the middle aged and at the age of 72 winning the presidency will be an easier task. The labelling of the General as a religious bigot by some sections of the press has been laid to rest as Chief Audu Ogbeh a Christian From Benue state debunked the claim. The performance or Justice of any leader has nothing to do with his religious faith .

All over the world leaders have performed wonderfully well without mentioning their religious ascription coming

into view. When General Buhari served as Chairman of the PTF he worked tirelessly to provide services for every

part of the country whether the area is either dominated by christians or Muslims.

Sam Nda-Isiah a presidential Contender on the APC platform once refuted claims on his popular Column that he is surprised on those who tagged General Buhari as a religious bigot. ‘’when Soldiers staged a coup against President ShehuShagari and decided to Install Buhari, he decline to accept the offer and directed them to appoint his senior Major General Domkat (a christian)Bali, when Bali was approached he also decline and supported Buhari.

What remains is the December 2nd Presidential Primary when the General is expected to slug it out with his counterparts. We Look forward to Buhari Presidency when Nigerians irrespective of Religion and ethnicity will feel the Impact of Nigerian Projects at their homes, pockets and places of work.

Abbas Yushau Yusuf


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