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Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Are these health trends REALLY good for you? (II)

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By Danielle Zoellner

Shapiro said there have been reports on carrageenan causing illnesses in people and it doesn’t have any added benefits to it.
She thinks if you are buying almond milk, it is best to avoid that ingredient.
The results:
Choose what type of milk you are getting based on what your body needs.
Almond milk could be best for your diet if you are looking for a low-calorie option.
But if you are low in calcium or protein, you might need to switch to another type of milk.

6. Green Juices
Juices add more fruits and vegetables to your diet if you are lacking in them, but both Shapiro and Bella usually don’t recommend this option for their clients.
‘People often confuse juices and smoothies,’ Bella said. ‘Juices discard invaluable fiber and lead to quick sugar spikes and crashes later on.’
Juicing strips fruits from their fibers and leaves behind the sugars. You also have to put more fruit in the blender when juicing then you would normally eat on its own.
Shapiro said she prefers her clients to eat their fruits and vegetables instead of drinking them.
Juicing is best if only one fruit is used and the rest are vegetables.
This helps lower the amount of sugar in the drink.
But if you’re trying to lose weight, it might just be better to eat the fruits and vegetables instead of blending them together.
‘An average adult woman needs 25g of fiber and an adult male 38g, whereas an average-adult American only gets 12g per day,’ Bella said.
So if you are low in fiber, avoid juicing because of how it strips it from the fruits.

7. Protein Drinks
‘If ordering a smoothie or a shake, opt for all natural ingredients and limit any added sugar in the form of honey or agave,’ Bella said.
Protein shakes can provide a quick form of protein for the body.
Since it is in liquid-form, it is digested more quickly by the body making it fast-acting.
This is good for rebuilding muscles after an intense workout.
‘As a meal, it helps slow down the digestion of the sugars,’ Shapiro said.
‘Studies do show that chewing solid foods sends signals to our hypothalamus, a brain region responsible for satiety and hunger symptoms, that we are full,’ Bella said.
‘So if given a choice between drinking blended produce or eating real fruits and veggies, I would recommend the latter.’
The results:
‘Depends on what they are putting in it and when they are drinking it,’ Shapiro said.
If you are drinking the protein shake to help after working it then it could be good for the muscles in the body.
But these shakes won’t help you lose weight if that is your health goal.

8. Drinking Vinegar
Drinking apple cider vinegar can help with acid reflux and is a good anti-fungal liquid.
It also has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and help with people who have diabetes.
There is loose research around apple cider vinegar helping with weight loss, but Shapiro said she hasn’t seen enough evidence that it does.
It can also slightly increase the metabolic rate in your body when you are digesting foods.
‘Remember that most foods/drinks such as green tea, spicy foods or capsaicin found in red pepper and apple cider vinegar can only slightly increase the metabolic rate – not enough to negate a large burger with french fries,’ Bella said.
So it isn’t the best option if you are trying to use it to combat what you have already eaten for the day.
The results:
If you are looking for a solution to acid reflux or lower blood sugar levels then this could be a good option for you.
But there is still not enough data to show that it can help with weight loss.
Interest in charcoal supplements has increased due to potential for it to help get rid of toxins in the body and help with weight loss.
Shapiro doesn’t recommend this product to her clients because of lack of evidence.
Bella said that there have been some studies showing that charcoal can help with whitening teeth and symptoms of food poisoning.
‘Our body detoxes itself enough on its own,’ Shapiro said.
She doesn’t think there is enough research on charcoal supplements to prove they are beneficial to the body.
Also, studies have found that ingesting charcoal can make some medications like birth control stop working for you.
Maybe this is one new trend that you should avoid until more proof comes out about its benefits.
Always check with your doctor before ingesting new supplements that you aren’t sure about.
‘Avoid products that claim to be “miracle cures,” “breakthroughs,” or “new discoveries,” as well as those that claim to have benefits but no side effects, or are based on a “secret ingredient” or method,’ Bella said.
‘Such claims are almost always fraudulent, and the product may contain harmful substances, drugs, or contaminants.’


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