Arafat day: Renew your faith in Allah -Cleric urges Muslims

By Umar Muhammad Puma

Imam of Arafat, Al-Shaykh Dr Husayn bn Abdulaziz has advised Muslims faithful across the world to renew their faith in Almighty Allah, and remember that it was him who created mankind and Jinn.
Delivery his sermon at mount Arafat yesterday before leding the combined shortened prayers of Dhur and Asr, the cleric reminded the pilgrims of their obligation to worship no one other than Allah, and further dwelt extensively on the pillars of Islam, societal relationships in the areas of marriages, trades and politics.
He declared that Islam frowns at any act that causes disaffection, hatred and acrimony among people, while it encourages mediation among quarrelling parties.
The Shaykh who dwelled extensively on the first pillar of Islam, first article of faith and also touched on other societal relationships in the areas of marriages, trades, politics and other aspects of socialisation among the human race.
Shaykh Abdulaziz said the entire human race had been admonished by Allah to be of the best of character and discipline.
Adding.that the day of Arafat is a day that supplications are answered and it is a day Allah the Most High is pleased and proud of those who stand on the plains Arafat to worship Him.
The Imam also reminded the Pilgrims the importance of this day and the plains of Arafat, saying, they should make good use of the opportunity of being here to glorify Allah, pray, supplicate, repent and ask for Allah’s forgiveness and favours.
Shaykh Dr Husayn bn Abdulaziz further called on the Pilgrims not to forget themselves, their families, love ones, their Countries and anyone that had done one favor or another to them in their supplications.

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