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Published On: Wed, Nov 19th, 2014

‘APC not ready to (mis) rule’

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By Abdullahi Musa.

Some weeks back I saw a quoted statement from a member of the PDP that said APC not ready to rule. By ready I read: not qualified to rule. From what is common knowledge of APC and it’s aspirants, one only agree with PDP if they add ‘mis’ to rule. To refresh memories, a former, elected Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON), is a member and presidential aspirant of APC. A two-time, elected Governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Ahmad Tinubu is its national leader. Amongst it’s serving Governors, are Fashola and Kwankwaso, and they have taken their states to enviable heights. I refuse to use the word ‘transformation’ because it has been tainted in the hands of charlatans.

The reader may note that I did not mention General Buhari because they may accuse him of only excelling under military dictatorship. So if their best material, Jonathan Goodluck became President after being Vice President, why then is Atiku Abubakar not qualified for same? APC controls the South-West, the most educationally advanced part of Nigeria. It also controls Kano and Sokoto, the jugular vein of Northern Nigeria.

We need not waste time recounting the misdeeds of PDP. Those who benefit from it call it “mere stealing”. And apparently, there may be societies in Nigeria where mere stealing is an honorable act. If they exist, then I believe they are a minority. Otherwise, so loathsome do people find mere stealing, that they invented ‘necklacing’ to mete out jungle justice to perpetrators.

But it is possible that APC is willing to rule. It sounds ridiculous, does it not? A people established political parties, later merged into one, yet be accused of not willing to rule? Yes, the accusation stands in so far as the party refuses to objectively read the political terrain. Any sane Nigerian today knows that we need a change of government. APC as the second biggest national party has the wherewithal to field and sell a presidential candidate.

The PDP will not spell it out for you in writing but it’s core supporters like Ayo Oritsejarfor will tell you from rooftops that Dr Goodluck ‘ s prime qualification to rule Nigeria is his being Christian. Does that equate with good governance, proper management of resources, and above all equity? It may not. But what interests Ayo is to have the President of Nigeria kneeling before him begging for salvation. There was a function which George Bush jnr attended, and the then Pope was also in attendance. So also Bill Clinton. On passing by the Pope Clinton made a half bow, while Bush barely shook hands and passed him without even a second glance. Those are secular leaders.

The other selling point of Jonathan is that he comes from the South. To many Southerners, particularly Christians, being from the South enables you to disregard good governance. And of course they do not expect you to be equitable. What then are Northerners doing in PDP? Well, they can still wine and dine in so far as they are content not to aspire to the highest position, the presidency.The most important selling point of Jonathan is control of National purse. With this purse which has no strings, he can turn a national army into a private militia. There is a subtle blackmail added. He not only holds the purse but his region replenishes it. If you reject him, they will blow up the pipes. Nigeria is the only country in which the natural resources are viewed as ethnic properties.

The questions to ask APC are: Can Nigeria survive on Ayo’ s and Jonathan ‘s worldview?

Will INEC or Jega be able declare other than Jonathan as the winner? Do Nigerians really believe they need a change of government? Will APC have the courage to field a candidate who will not antagonise a significant, prejudiced section of this country? In answering these questions, APC will convince us it is willing to rule.

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