APC National Convention: Tinubu urges Buhari to sack PDP appointees in MDAs

From Ayodele Samuel, Lagos

The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the weekend asked President Muhammadu Buhari to sack opposition elements heading various agencies in his government.
Tinubu, while addressing delegates at the party’s National Convention in Abuja, said its time President Buhari sweeps out the PDP remnants and put in position APC members, “who actually care about the people.”
He said the party’s progressive agenda has been hampered because elements of the PDP remain embedded in the many agencies and ministries so crucial to daily governance.
“They have been as a fifth column, undermining our policies at every turn. While impeding reform, they also plot the comeback of their reactionary brethren to power. This is something we should no longer abide.”
Tinubu said the APC teems with competent, reform-minded people who would perform admirably in these positions, insisting that it is time to sweep out the PDP remnants and put in position people.
The former governor of Lagos State, said President Buhari has done significant work clearing away yesterday’s mess of the PDP since they came into power in 2015; but a lot still needs to be done.
“Under President Buhari, Nigeria has found its rightful course. Discipline and collective purpose are taking root. Government has become accountable. Bleakness turns to hope,” Tinubu said.
According to him, “In a few short years, we have done more than the other party did in 16 long years. During their years, oil prices and government revenues were high. They had more money but less moral commitment to the common welfare.
“They neither established school-feeding programs nor created a safety net for the poorest among us. We had less but did these things because we cared more. Under the PDP, terrorists planted their wicked flag on our soil, controlled territory, and spread mayhem as they willed. Now, that evil flag of Boko Haram no longer flies over any of our land. Their fantasy of establishing an empire has forever been dashed. They are retreating and being beaten by the day. The APC government
accomplished this, while the PDP spent money with no result except increasing misery. Where did the money go? When the PDP holds their convention and presents their candidates, the public should ask them. If the question is asked, theirs will be the quietest convention ever held. They dare not answer the question with honesty for an honest answer will destroy them.”
Tinubu urge the government to accelerate economic growth and bring prosperity to all.
“We have overcome recession, but that is an insufficient cure to many. We must create jobs wherever we find the jobless. We must help bring food to the tables of the hungry. We must bring light where darkness now resides. We must continue to squash corruption where it stands. People continue to suffer violence in several places. We must end the violence and untangle the root causes of such conflict.”
Tinubu added that the APC must reclaim Nigeria’s place in the world as the leader of the African cause and black race.

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