Analysis successes, challenges of COREN in 2017

By Mashe Umaru Gwamna

To say Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria(COREN ) has contributed immensely to the upgrading of Engineering activities in Nigeria ,is to say the least .
Coren has registered it presence boldly in all achievements of Engineering programme both home and aboard giving hope to the Engineering family .
Many years now indigenous engineers have been slide line most aspects of awarding major contracts their presence was not felt at all because contracts were awarded to their foreign counterparts , today this inaction has changed and have kept the hope of professional and tertiary institutions alive.
Coren which ensures that Engineering personnel ( Engineers, Engineering technologist , Engineering techincans and Engineering Craftsmen) as well as Engineering consulting are certified through registration and licensing process of the council as only Registered Engineering Personnel are permitted by law to hold Engineering position like head of Engineering department and units , comptroller of Engineering project and also ensures quality assurance of Engineering Training Institution.
Consequently, the President of COREN Engr. Kashim Ali, during the end of year press briefing said, in 2017 the Council subjected itself to the investment and examination that Nigeria Engineering becomes the biggest and best Engineering in 2018.

Ali said the council has improved partnerships with industries while involving stakeholders to help out with engineering facilities in high institutions .
“ we want Berger to give Engineering students automatic job , that is our heart desire as a family “.
He said the milestones achieved in 2017 was very commendable as Nigeria has great professional hands in the Engineering sector .
The President listed out some of the remarkable achievements as landmarks of the Engineering family as follows:
Achievement of COREN 2017
One of the greatest milestones of 2017 was the stakeholders meeting of Technical Education Manpower Shortage was held on Thursday,4th May 2017 at the Nicon Luxury Hotel , Abuja . The meeting which had over 2,18 participants including representatives of Ministries, department , agencies from both federal and state government also the academic, industries and the Media was not left out .
The aim was to provide a forum for stakeholders to deliver on the technical manpower shortage in Nigeria . Secondly , working out implementable strategies to resuscitate technical education / colleges , strategizing on ways of improving technical funding in Nigeria and selecting stakeholders that would participate in the review of the curriculum for technical colleges.
At the end of the meeting., a 5 years plan to ameliorate technical manpower shortage in Nigeria was adopted for immediate implementation.
However, another remarkable milestone was the outcome based Engineering Education and Review of Benchmark Minimum Academic Standard ( BMAS) and Accreditation Scoring Criteria for undergraduate Programme in Nigeria universities held at the Renaissance Lagos on 14th May 2017. The workshop which had stakeholders from the academia , government and industry provided a forum for the incision of outcome based Engineering approach in line with global trends in engineering education.
The recommendation from the workshop have been incorporated in to recently reviewed BMAS document. COREN has therefore adopted the outcome Based Measurable Standard for Engineering Education in accordance with the Washington Accord Criteria.
Consequently, As apart of it achievements COREN held it 26th Engineering Assembly which was held at the International Conference center from 7-9 August 2017, with the theme “ Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing in Nigeria : Challenging and Opportunities for a better Future “ which about 3655 Engineering Personnel participated at the Assembly.
COREN with the desire to standout and stop using another foreign Manuel . It has launched a new Concrete Mix Design Manual the first of it kind in country for Engineering practitioners in Nigeria . Also launched the campaign to promote the use of indigenous Engineering products and services,”tagged ( Produce ,Buy and Use Certified Nigeria Engineering products & Services)”.
During the Engineering Assembly, it witnessed the presentation of CODET Awards to the best Engineering Graduate from various Nigeria Universities by the committee of Deans of Engineering and Technology of Nigerian universities amongst Engineering students.
The House of Representatives Committee on Works in collaboration with COREN on Regulation Engineering for Global Competitiveness held a retreated at Golden Tulip Hotel , in Lagos on 22nd September 2017 .
In the quest to ensure that Engineering achieves its pride of place in our developmental plans and for the effective Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria , the House of Representatives Committee on Works and the Council a retreat on the proposed amendment of COREN ACT. The bills for the amendment was submitted by the Chairman House Committee on Works Hon . Toby Okechukwu , has gone through first and second reading, preparing for public hearing .
Accreditation of Engineering Programme in Nigeria
In order to ensure quality of Engineering training, COREN carried out the accreditation of Engineering programmes in Nigeria universities during the period under review , COREN accreditation Teams visited some institutions to accredit different programmes: 87 programme were visited in 20 institutions, 58 programmes had full accreditation, 24 programmes had interim accreditation while 5 programmes had failed accreditation. This implies that graduates from those institutions with failed accreditation will not be registered with COREN and COREN collaboration with a National Board for Technical Education (NBTE ) to carry out the accreditation of Engineering programmes in polytechnics, 44 programmes were visited in 16 polytechnics.
Post Accreditation Visitation
For this year 2017 , post accreditation visit to universities were not carried out. The council has directed the Registry to carry out Non – scoring post accreditation visitation to universities in 2018 .
Registration of Engineering Personnel
In 2017 these are the Engineering personnel registered according to cadres Engineers 5890 were registered, Engineering Technologists 421, Engineering Technicians 70, Engineering Craftsman 72, and Expatriates 61.Registration of Engineering Consulting Firms that were registered in categories: Sole Ownership 9 , Partnership 1, Limited Liability 35 and Corporate 2.
Engineering Regulation (ERM)
Six (6) ERM inspectorates were inaugurated 2017 under review these are in Zamfara , Sokoto , Kebbi, Yenagoa, Uyo and Calabar. ERM carried out visitation to Organisations and Building Collapse sites : Twenty one 21 reports were received and are being investigated.
COREN Investigating Panel
The panel sat 4 times within the period under review and considered about six cases including the collapse of the 5 storey building in Gwarinpa Abuja among other Others .
Mobility of Nigeria Engineering Personnel
Desirous of recognition of equivalence of Education base for Nigeria Engineering personnel at the professional level , COREN acquired membership of the Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific ( FEIAP) and also COREN was invited by the International Engineering Alliance ( IEA) as an observer during their 2017 meeting held in Alaska , USA . During the meeting COREN made a presentation to the IEA Board of Trustees following which COREN was asked to apply for the provision signatory of the Washington Accord.
Meanwhile, the President of COREN said “ there can be no doubt that 2017 was a year of considerable challenges but due to vision and projected goals , Concreted effort has been made to surmount the challenges. There has been immeasurable success and COREN continues to strives to achieve her mandate “.
According to him “ as we move forward, it is our hope that the milestone COREN has achieved this year will continue to spur the Engineering sector to the greater heights. The task is enormous but we are more determined than ever to surmount it .it is also important to noted that a nation is only as developed and respected as the quality of its Engineering “, Ali stated .

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