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Published On: Thu, Jan 14th, 2021

America and its current nightmares

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By Abdulrahman Yunusa

While pushing hard to serve as a stumbling block to others and still be the main source of their nightmares and fear, its implausible to always expect a beauty things in turn of your output from the just nature. The nature always assess justifiably and produce a reliable as well as justifiable result at the tale end.
In recent weeks election have been held in America where as the incumbent president loss the poll with a landline gap to the most cherished Presidential candidates of America in the recent time. Well many events folded to which since the initial game none is worth trending for almost all the pre and post election sagas are of no greater impact or taste to be disseminated to the world.
And It’s now vindictive that the politics of mighty America is full of jergons and gibberish. The emergence of Trump as their president is both helpful and disgusting tragedy, for to the rest of weaker countries who are being trapped in the shackles of Americans misery under the watch of ICC and other destructive agencies which are specifically made to exploit them, it’s quite helpful to them.
However, to the pseudo hegemonic folks who often shamelessly camouflage themselves with the cutest regalia of ” Super power ” and at same time parading themselves as saner climes at a moment when their cognitive impaired sailor is trying to let their ship got drawn amidst of deep sea, those set of people must at any way view this scenario as a tragic and disgusting one.
Perhaps it’s a law of nature that where ever you find two set of people or more mingling either in realm of business business affairs or socio political matters, therefore its quite sure there must be one who will be enduring the gullibility, nonsensical act and unjust treatment of the other, for the simple reason that living things are not created equal and by their differences one must be taking the advantage of others disadvantages in order to achieve their goals.
So in our relationship with USA and their allies we can easily explicate that the charlatans masters of everything and monitors everyone are in excessive quest for unwavering respect and loyalty from the rest of the less powerful countries over a century, but that nonchalant and worthless attitude of maltreatment couple with genocidal moves against others whom they share differences in ideology or policy won’t guarantee them chance to retain their position and indeed time will reveal their lapses to even the eyes of the least nations that they once maltreated.
And the aftermath of recent post election crisis enough to tell you they are not the beast the have been parading themselves to be, they are not as strong they often claim to be and they are not as politically liberal as they flaunt all the time. Meanwhile they are just people with human attributes as anyone, they err like everyone and occasionally make right things when they are blessed with the chance to.
Their whims to keep tormenting the less developed in the global arena in political and economic relations is now at the verge of sinking, also their dreadful caricature in the eyes of baby nations is now diminishing and dwindling to an extent that in near future they will drastically lost their respect from those preys whom they have been witch hunting with their toxic policies and sanctions.
Although the media houses are trying all their very best to cover up all the mess going there in America in an attempt to tell world another version of story which will automatically turn to be the fake side of the real incident. Thus this is a signal to the wise people that until we mind to dealt with our problems singlehandedly by all means, our secrets will never be a secret. Then it’s a high time for African countries and their close allies to start cencosring media handles when peddling chaotic news to the globe.
Meanwhile, this will help in retaining our respect in the face of the world. And its indeed American democracy is one of the worst if not the worst among the rest and Trump is evil to their eyes and a blessing to our face for without his accession to the dirty throne we wouldn’t be able to know all this shenanigans happening in the saner climes.
As Arend Ligpart said It’s not American democracy the best, others have better Democratic settings in their territorial boundary than that of America. And thank God here today we are, things are being revealed by the passage of time, and by Allah’s will they will keep paying the harshest price of their murky acts and other draconian gesture towards other countries whom they hold a grudges with.
It’s now a tough time to the evil planners and doers, their power is dying to the detriment of a mere poll and the worst part of the event is that, the ungodly costodian of narcissim and global injustice are today in hysteria looking for a help from the ones they once coined and termed as worthless men and assholes. Time is here to give and teach us a lesson and the ones with clear mind and conscience will keep taking lessons for future purpose.
Lastly, it’s an interesting game for every victim of the so called super powers, from Covid 19 pandemic to post election violence. Thus the nasty and brutal wishes of the death merchants is now befalling upon the rotten soul of the evil planners, and the most interesting part of the scenario is that they are the receiving end ! And we have now testify “,that Karma issa fucking bitch ”

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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