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Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2018

Amalgamation of vote losers

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

If it were in the United States of America (USA), with the failure of Obasanjo to win his local government and his home state when he ran for president in 1999, he would have been automatically disqualified from assuming the office of the President of the country. OBJ, despite the braggadocio, failed to win votes in his native local government. The implication is that if your neighbours cannot trust you, why should someone distant do? The man in Katsina does not know OBJ and cannot be more Pope than the Pope. If OBJ neighbours found him unfit for the office of the President of the Federation in1999, the rest of Nigerians should have rejected him outright. But his colleagues in the military that do not mean well for Nigeria forced him on the people. It is not competence, patriotism and vision that was the criteria but to find a stooge of Washington behind closed doors that OBJ thoroughly represents, added to the chop and I chop mentality of the elite.
It was only the late President Sani Abacha that made Obasanjo to understand his limits. When OBJ crossed the red line, the full force of the law and the authority of the state under the no nonsense leader Abacha took its course. We have also not forgotten that his Minister of Works Tony Annenih was trusted with N350 billion to build roads for Nigerians. However, nothing was seen on the ground. When the recipient was asked by OBJ to account for it, the answer to the inquiry was to simply point to Obasanjo’s reelection in 2003 being made possible, ostensibly by the money in question.
That nobody challenged the reelection of incompetent “most corrupt Nigerian” as stated separately by Sunday Awoniyi and Ghali Na’Abba, is the reason he dabbles into other people’s affairs. The silence of the southern press about the incompetence of OBJ and other wrong-doings of his 8 years misrule, is all because of “Ngbati Ngbati”, and the unfortunate and constant greasing of their elbows from the government treasury.
Consider the caption on the Daily Trust of Sunday April 22, 2018 “Buhari must apologise for anti-youth comment”. The so-called anti youth comment is the disputed expression:“Sure, most Nigerian youths are uneducated and lazy”. Even if the expression was not disputed, because it does not represent what the President said, is it not true? Is this not a pointer that the President is abreast with the problems of the youth? If it were OBJ or GEJ who made such statements, the narrative will have been different.
The world should know that OBJ is not a role model or “morally fit” leader for Nigerians and Africa, just as the PDP administration under Jonathan with the legacy of “earthquake” corruption and cluelessness. OBJ lacks the credentials to judge others as he was tested and has not performed. Even his NADECO kinsmen preferred Abacha 10 times over OBJ in governance. The African leaders in Ethiopia, after the 30th AU Summit, conferred Buhari with an award for anti-corruption fight that Obasanjo and IBB set aside. No one has recognised Obasanjo and IBB for anti-corruption fight. The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) was reported by the Daily Trust of February 5 2018 as saying “the appointment of President Muhammadu Buhari as Africa Union’s anti-corruption champion was a confirmation of his giant stride in the fight against corruption”. The BVN, TSA and the whistle blower policies to catch thieves are just some of what the amalgamation of the crooks that purchase votes in Nigeria are all out against as the avenue to loot has been seriously curtailed.
Falae is another former Secretary to the Government from Ondo that has joined the foray to stop Buhari from being the President come 2019. He is one with OBJ in this futile exercise. When we were having a dialogue with my eldest son, he said Baba, Falae cannot win Akure if he stands for an election today. So like OBJ that failed in Ogun to get elected in 1999, the duo are attempting to use diminished glories if there was one at all. After all, according to Channels Television update on January 10, 2016, Olu Falae admits receiving 100 million Naira from PDP. All these dishonourable people wish to grandstand so as to blackmail a sitting President to pay them money just like former governor of Katsina state dismissed the PDP in Katsina “bundle of idiots” attempting to blackmail him in 2011 against APC.
Today, every sensible politician knows that, it is not the game of throwing money against Buhari that will do the tricks.There is no one today as credible as Buhari. The moment any stands out, the myriad of wrong-doings will be so much that every blackmailer will state his price. That is how they will destroy the economy and loot the treasury PDP style. It is a rule rather than an exception that in Nigeria, the moment one is appointed as a high profile public servant, the agenda is to empty the treasury into his bank account. It is normal to see a hungry looking governor or minister before taking public office within six month his thin neck like a giraffe transforming to that of an over fed bull. When they leave office if you ask them what they have left in the treasury, the answer is, “I left it as I found it”. Meaning what, an empty treasury!
Nigerians talk of Islam and Christianity but the tragedy is they love to steal and loot the public treasury and could go to any length including killing pastors in churches and running to the press to whip religious sentiments. Wonder why despite the dirty schemes under GEJ, the PDP failed to hit the mark. Wonder despite the poisoning of Buhari with the deadly killer toxic chemical, he miraculously survived it. His doctors reported that in history less than 10 people survived it. Many schemers who wish Buhari dead ended up dying tragically.
It is instructive that the Children of Prophet Yakub (Jacob) the 10 half brothers of Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) schemed to get him out of the way. Every Muslim and Christian who reads his Qur’an or Bible will understand that Prophet Joseph prevailed. There is a whole Chapter number12 in the Qur’an on Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) and his trials and tribulations. Right from the day he was sold into slavery in Egypt, Allah revealed or inspired him that, he would win through. In fact, for any human, what is decreed by Allah (SWT) to happen must happen. Even if the whole looters of Nigeria and the amalgamation of vote losers do not like to see corruption reduced to its barest minimum, they will fail. Even if the unbelievers among the ruling class who believe in fortune tellers and soothsayers come together, when Allah (SWT) loves the good-hearted, He will command His servants, angels to love him. As for success, the snakes and vipers cannot frustrate Allah (SWT) no matter the .gimmicks and fake news in the press. Success is assured as is stated in Yusuf: 21.

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