Agriculture, buying Nigerian goods panacea to poverty

By Salim Umar Ibrahim

In a country that is suffering from mass failure of economy and infrastructure, almost decaying government system in this day and, at the same time striving to get its way out of this difficult situation, this country can be defined as a less enviable locale in the contemporary world. From the depth of its mission to fighting terrorism, poverty and rebuilding of the nation is a hard task not every leader representing such country in the world can adjust to easily. But, for all these to be effective, one needs to draw up some strategies and policies, opt into determining success in this bid. The government alone cannot keep this task smoothly running down the lane except when its inhabitants lend a helping hand, and then a very productive result could be yielded.
Many developed countries around not so far have tested and enjoyed it, but as we always knew, the path for a better change and development doesn’t always come easy. If we take a look at countries like Malaysia, Dubai, China and the likes, all these countries are nothing compared to Nigeria in the last two decades in terms of infrastructure and economic growth – from the depth of natural resources and everything one could think of; but where are they at present?
Today, china stands as the world’s largest exporter of goods in the world on a per capita income basis ranked 72nd by nominal GDP and 84th by GDP (PPP) in 2015, according to the international monetary fund (IMF); Dubai, represents an enviable destination being a favorite tourist destinations in the UAE and even the world at large. Dubai’s economy was initially built on revenues from the oil industry but, about 95% of its gross domestic product is not oil-based. So far oil has accounted for less than 1% of its GDP and tourism to produce 20% of the GDP. All t while in this, it has seen a tremendous change in its economy for the past 50years or so.
Talking about Malaysia, this country has nothing compared to Nigeria but at one time, was the largest producer of tin, rubber and palm oil in the world manufacturing a large influence in the country’s economy accounting for over 40% of its GDP.
It is disgusting news and an insult upon Nigerians for the EU to call for the Nigerian government to increase the export of agricultural produces like rubber, cocoa and palm oil to the EU countries citing that there were potential exports which Nigeria could develop in commercial quantities. What are we thinking of that one has to remind or give us a wakeup call on this?
For over 40 years or so, Nigeria majorly, and other African countries have been exporting primary commodities to Europe, feeding their factories and in return having beck the processed products at higher rates. Why can’t we see beyond and learn from them instead?
To an intensive regretting situation, it is with anxiety to know that we Nigerians prefer to export business opportunities, labor and employment to other countries than to keep it at home and benefit our own brothers and sisters. Exporting to a country that never sees us in every aspect as responsible except for what they benefit from us. To countries that never helped us when we are in chores. These are the people we joined hands blindly to keep our economy and well being down just because all we care is what comes into our pockets that which we can never spend in our entire lifetime. Wake up Nigerians. We have a huge potential lying just beneath our foots!

Salim Umar Ibrahim is a freelance writer and can be reached on 0703 296 5551

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