African countries must be more transparent, accountable

By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

The publisher of African leadership Magazine and a leading voice on social economic and political issues on Africa, Dr Ken Giami has called on African countries to be more transparent and accountable on how business is done on the continent.

Dr. Giami, whose magazine has been focused on projecting Africa and Africans in a positive light to the rest of the world, made this remarks while commenting on the just concluded US-Africa Leaders Summit.

He said the summit was an indication that the United States and indeed, the world has accepted that Africa is the last frontier with huge potential.

“I believe strongly that the US – Africa Leaders Summit represents a rising of the bar for the quality of foreign investments and partnerships that Africa now deserve and should attract.

“This unprecedented Summit is the final proof that the whole world now accepts that Africa is the place to do business today”, he stated.

He emphasized that Africa businesses and governments should demand better deals in business transactions.

Giami, who said the US-Africa Summit reflected the progress that have been made towards establishing Africa as an attractive destination for investment on the world stage, noted that it also illustrated how much remains to be done.

“The summit, convened by President Obama, was a major undertaking. It brought together the leaders of nearly all the African nations and the continent’s business leaders, to enable them engage in meaningful dialogue with U.S. policymakers and business leaders.

“What emerged is that U.S. investors are beginning to understand, in ways they have not in the past, that involvement in Africa should mean partnership rather than charity, and that investment in Africa’s long-term development will reward not only Africans, but also U.S. businesses, investors and by extension, the global economy.”, he further stated.


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