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Published On: Mon, Sep 21st, 2020

Adamawa r-PDP denies losing structure, says only few miscreants defect to PDP

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From Umar Dankano, Yola.

The reformed People’s Democratic Party (rPDP) in Adamawa state has described the recent exit of its former Acting chairman and Acting secretary with few others as “a blessing in disguise “ and “signs of good things to come “.
New Acting chairman of the splinter group (r/PDP),Hon.Ethan Bugi made the disclosure at a press conference in Yola, weekend, insisting that the group is not losing its structure to the PDP as being claimed by the government in the state.
Bugi maintained that their group led by Dr.Umar Ardo is intact but only few miscreants left the party for a pot of porridge.
Bugi noted that, the party is emerging stronger because the bad eggs within its fold have been weeded out of the party reitering that “weeding such elements is a huge relief. It is a good riddance to bad rubbish.”
Bugi added that out of the thirty executives of r-PDP, only eight defected to the PDP.
‘I’ am sure by now it is no news that some few members of r-PDP including the acting state chairman and acting Secretary and few miscreants have left us to join forces with the decadent regime and the illegal PDP structures in the state.
“They are about eight of them, otherwise the entire structures of the r-PDP from ward, Local Governments to State remain intact.
“ Actually those that left are men with little or no value who think only of their stomachs. Their main reason for leaving r-PDP is that our leader, Dr. Umar Ardo, has distributed rice in his home local government and did not give them.
“On this, we plead guilty, because the rice Dr. Ardo distributed was to the less privileged Adamawa indigenes who are ravaged by the poor, bad and corrupt government policies in the state which is accentuated by the Coronavirus lockdown. The rice was not meant for political jobbers, hangers-on and leaches like them who depend on such handouts for their survival.
“ In any case, for the r-PDP, their going is a huge relief; it is a good riddance to bad rubbish – puerile eggs have been discarded! Now we will inject real people with real political values in our movement. You have seen their own, wait and see our own.”

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