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Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

Abuja residents proffer how to tackle open defecation

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University of AbujaDespite the serious environmental health problems associated with the growing menace of open defecation in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which manifest in outbreak of diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, poliomyelitis among others, and usually death, yet the authorities are finding it very difficult to curb the scourge.

However, a cross section of residents in this vox pop with Peoples Daily, spoke on how the FCT administration can effectively tackle the menace especially open urination, and ensure a healthier and cleaner environment for all and sundry, either visiting or residing in the nation’s capital, Mashe Umaru Gwamna reports. Excerpts:

Eucharia Kalu, in Maitama District.

For me, this issue of people defecating in the open, especially urinating everywhere alongpublic places has been a concern to me. I wonder how any adult in his or her right senses would open their private parts in the public and begin to urinate. This is Abuja the nation capital where visitors from within and outside the country come in, all the time. You can image, when trekking along the streets, you see men pulling down their trousers to urinate. And I have realised it is gradually becoming part of daily picture in the city. But it is bad, because someone is littering the environment with their urinate , instead of rushing to a close- by shopping mall, designated public toilet or filling station, to ease themselves. However, those residents are bent defacing corridors of any bush or the wall they come across the road or streets, leaving others breathing the smell only can cause disease to a human health system, talk more of stepping on it. As a way out, relevant government agencies needs to educate residents on the dangers of open defecation especially urinating in public.

Ajabola Kayode, in Utako District

I think the government may be doing a lot totackle the menace but the awareness is not effective. You can see as early as 6pm officials of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) , are on the high ways to clean up littered places . This is because residents are to be blame for the lingering menace. So, the best thing is to give more enlightenment to the public , on the need to keep their environment clean for their own good not for the government ,because some people believe they are doing it for the government ,but our government are living in nice places that are well ventilated. We are the ones who mostly trek in our environment, so we in hell living amid polluted environment. We should make sure our city is kept clean,Ebola has come and gone, we do not know which one is coming again, therefore safeguarding our environment will reduce outbreak of diseases, in which we may contract.Keeping FCT clean first step that the government must ensure the people take towards healthy living.

Sunday Wabushi, in Wuse District

Actually, it is not good for residents to be urinating in the open on the street; it shows how indiscipline individuals are in the city. When one is pressed to urinate or defecate, there are public toilets in the markets, business premises or nearest public place close. N20 will save your integrity than opening your gentile for the public to see. You can even see some residents urinating and this same time making calls moving their body, people are passing through those route and in dangerous smells,at times even water pipelines are close to the area where individuals urinate, and at the end we drinking dirty water.Government should be tougher in making sure such laws are adhered to. Example,War Against indiscipline introduced by Gen. Mohmmadu Buhari’s regime worked, so we can still enforce such laws to make our immediately clean and free from any form of disease. Also, the government should stationed law enforcementofficers, which would ensure that immediately someone pulls his trousers or skirt to expel something, the individual should bearrested and prosecuted in the court.

Joseph Edo, in Garki District

Here, in Abuja people don’t want to obey laws,as they do things freely in the public as if it is their homes, urinating here and there, I feel government on their part do not take the laws even more serious. In Lagos state public laws are been enforced, but ordinarily Abuja should be a place where these laws are first observed.The FCT administration should make laws like that of Lagos state, to stern the menace of urinating in open places in Abuja, who is now becoming a norm.

James Mba, in Jabi

Keeping ones surroundings clean is a gate way to long life,just like the saying that says cleanliness is next to godliness. How does a person feel when he or she urinates and do not flush the toilets, the next hours you smell bad odor. When some of us see people urinating on the streets, one begins to wonder, do these people have hygiene in their dictionary of healthy living. Urinating without drinking a lot of water comes with a bad smell, talk more of public places where many individuals urinate in the open on the streets, where some others even stand and sell things around those avenues. Individuals who urinate whereothers have the chance of coming in contact with it, which may result to urinary tract Infection or urinary system diseases. We should be cautions of our behaviour in public places, because it definitely cause harm to others.Government should provide public places where residents can urinate when they are seriously pressed. This will curb the menace.

Friday Inusa, in Maitama District.

I’m a security guard, around this environment, and usually I used to have quarrels with people urinating on the walls of my boss’s house.When you talked to them, they will tell you-where do you want them to pee, as government have not provided public toilets for us around this environment,so if we are pressed, we just have to ease ourselves. The problem is that people liter the environment withurine and it makes everywhere smelling a lot. And it does not allow me to sleep well.When it rains especially the pee will be mixed up with water, which people who are passing byunconsciously wash their legs inside it, which can cause various diseases to human beings.Government should please come to the aid of residents by providing basic social amenities for passers-by, this will encourage people to love the environment, thus they will keep it clean.

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