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Published On: Tue, Apr 28th, 2020

AAC asks Nigerians not to loose hope over COVID-19

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By Ikechukwu Okaforadi

African Alliance Congress (AAC) has called on Nigerians not to loose hope even as they mark the Easter cerebration under the excruciating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic globally.
In a statement issued by the National chairman of the party, Leonard Ezenwa, AAC said Easter remains a momentous season from history.
He regretted that this year Easter has been presaged by a mix of temporary sorrow and eternal happiness; Sorrow, in that, Lord Jesus Christ, was crucified and buried, and Happiness, in that He rose from death, ascended into Heaven to be with the Lord.
“The Easter Celebration has always been one laden with mild sobriety but over-spiced with joy and fanfare.
“Unfortunately, the season that is the happiest for many of our Christian brothers and sisters have been tainted by impact of a strange, explained but incomprehensible disease tat have killed thousands across the globe.
“Humanity thus has had to endure a season of Coronavirus that keep ravaging lives and global economy. We are now well into a major recession that is being likened to the Great Depression. Do we despair, No!”, the party said in the statement.
He said Nigerians should be comforted that Jesus Christ, while he was here with mankind, addressed calamities of this nature and pointedly stated that we should be of good cheers as this would pass away, adding “We should not, therefore, brood endlessly over a disease that is destined to fade away.
“History has an uncanny capacity of repeating itself: There was 1720 Plague, It faded away. There was 1820 Cholera Outbreak, it gave way. And still there was the 1920 Spanish Flu, it ended. This Coronavirus otherwise called COVID-19 in 2020 will find its way out!
“As we mark another Easter, I urge all not to despair but to be of GOOD CHEER. Even in this period we have noticed incredible drop in the perennial wicked problems like Boko Haram attacks, kidnapping and Herdsmen-farmers onslaught that have buffeted our nation.
“We merry in this outcome and call on all these troublemakers and outlaws in our midst to sheath their sword and pick the good lesson that this season offers: to be God-fearing and peaceful and embrace the true God and not clerics that misled them into undertaking heinous crimes against humanity.
“For any person that indulges in wonton destruction of lives and property or act of capturing and carrying away people against their will and holding them in false imprisonment is not worth being called a human being but an agent of the devil”, the party said.

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