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Published On: Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

A race between gold and death

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By Emmanuel Onwubiko

From close proximity I saw, the other day, young men falling on each other to catch as much cash as they could when one of the big men in the convoy of a state governor showed his generosity by dolling out clean Naira notes to these youths who apparently did no work to deserve any form of payment. The main job of these young person, in their hundreds, who intermittently rush for some quid from politicians in Abuja is to lazy around big hotels looking out for when any of these big time politicians can come in so they can invade his/her space with praise songs to attract quick freebies. Now add this emerging lazy trend of beggarly attitudes of these young Nigerians to the coming election season in Nigeria during which time majority of them would be deployed as political thugs by unscrupulous elements seeking and lusting after political power in the 2015 elections then what will result from these satanic combinations is what may appropriately be called gold rush.

Do you need further evidence to demonstrate clearly that the majority of Nigerian youths have embarked on what they term a gold rush rather than concentrate attention on how to wage revolutionary movements to liberate Nigeria from the suffocating hold and control of some political cabals, then look at the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria [TAN] which most writers and observers have compared with the Daniel Kanu’s [and Arthur Nzeribe] defunct Association for Better Nigeria during the infamous military tyranny of the late General Sani Abacha. During the then Abacha-led attempt to self perpetuate himself in political office by transforming from a military to a civilian dictator, the members and moving spirits behind the Association for a Better Nigeria claimed to have organized a one million man match to drum up support for the then military dictator to transform himself and run for political office but deep down their hearts the only reason for disgracefully mortgaging their consciences was purely and simply to make as much cash as possible. The organizers actually netted in millions of cash but fortunately for corporate Nigeria God worked in mysterious ways and their agenda never saw the light of the day.

Now Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) is operating under a democratic atmosphere which allows for lobbying but the underground reason for floating such contraptions is purely to maximize profits for the leading lights of such campaign groups. So in effect the owners of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria can be called GOLD RUSH AMBASSADORS OF NIGERIA.

During the just concluded elections in Ekiti and Osun states, the majority of the youth that formed themselves into lobby pressure groups on the social media did exactly that to corner their own share of the national cake. They staged what can be called ‘social media gold rush in Nigeria’. Again, certain bloggers were taken unusually in first class seated commercial airlines to Rivers State by Governor Rotimi Amaechi to drum up support for him in his fight with the powerful federal political forces in Abuja and there was these wild rumours that they were each settled with N5 million. That was another dimension of the ‘gold rush’.

There is another type of rush going on which can be categorized as ‘death rush’ whereby youths are hired as mercenary fighters by powerful political forces to wage internecine wars against perceived opponents and in some instances these young and well armed people have invaded communities in the middle belt of Nigeria and have unleashed unprecedented and blood cuddling anarchy and violence which have resulted in the wiping off of several communities and the killings of hundreds of people who are mostly innocent. In Plateau and Benue States certain reactionary forces have hired some armed fighters who have embarked on well coordinated killing spree in the name of religion and ethnic affiliations even as thousands of innocent villagers have been wiped off from the surface of the Earth. Sadly, the law enforcement agencies are no where near any preparatory state to overcome these attackers.

Boko Haram Terrorists are also another type of practitioners of ‘death rush’ because these cannibals have killed almost twelve thousand innocent Nigerians in their huge campaign of bloodshed and the Nigerian military confronting them have yet to crush them decisively.

Emmanuel Onwubiko, heads Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria.


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