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Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2014

A president’s heavenly acts

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It is not my habit, (who cares about my habits anyway?) to waste time on the obvious, listening to or watching a paid piper for instance. This is because I know the tunes must accord with the wishes of the one who paid the piper. I therefore do not tune in to NTA. Were I to suggest a change of name, I would call it PTA, presidential authority; and same should apply to radio or television stations that portray their Governors as saints.

I stumbled upon a program showing a function, in which the audience I saw was predominantly women. The speaker rang out clearly addressing the President: Mr President, what you are doing is from heavens. This is the source of the title of this article.

I am not an atheist. I was born into Islam and do observe its tenets. But I have seen, even from co-religionists, the ability of men and women to use religion to achieve their selfish desires.

There is a President in the United States of America. A segment of America’s population is rabidly Christian. But I do not believe they can be describing the acts of their presidents as acts of God. In real fact, at the height of his unpopularity, George Bush was shunned by his party’s presidential candidate, who wanted to succeed him. But what do people mean when they ascribe a man’s action as from heavens? Well, to my understanding, it means one is under divine guidance.

Politically, why are some politicians loved? Well, many people are swept off their feet by politicians who are charming, oratorical. They revere those who stick out their necks for them, who define for them their identity. One can cite as an example late Abubakar Rimi as a charmer, and late Aminu Kano and Awo as those who gave their people identity and sense of mission.

I for one do not see such qualities in President Goodluck. But for one whose acts are steered by heavens, he has neither the need to be charming, nor lead the people out of darkness into light.

There is a Governor in one of the Northern states who no Imam has yet claimed divine guidance for his actions, but who has built two universities for the state, at one go built eighteen tertiary institutions, built over two thousands new classes, built roads and flyovers, sent hundreds of students on scholarship overseas, and achieves 68:32 capital to recurrent budget ratio.

To the knowledge of everyone, President Jonathan prepares budgets that are totally the opposite of that of the Governor we cited earlier. We, and most civilized nations believe that a nation’s resources belong to all citizens, not to a section. This government is celebrating centenery of amalgamation. So no Nigerian ought to apologize to another for partaking from the nation’s resources. If Nigeria disintegrates into seven hundred and seventy four Bayelsa-like republics, then and only then will we claim resources individually. If we expand our vision, we can understand the type of heavenly acts this President practices. He discriminates between Nigerians. He governs with impunity. He cannot sacrifice his personal ambition for the good of the nation. In short, he does not have the interest of all Nigerians at heart.

It is from heavens that we have earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, death and destruction. It is this respect that I agree his acts are from heavens.

Abdullahi Musa via

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