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Published On: Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

A good Friday is seen in the preceding Wednesday

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By Kamaluddeen Sani

Nigeria is so awesomely beautiful not by geography alone but by the rich wisdom sandwiched in the proverbs that our forefathers: traditional, political and religious have bequeathed to us in more ways than one and that in the process of drinking this wisdom-in-proverb herbs, we would be cured of any blindness that could blur our ability to see into the future. The future is so vital to human race and Nigeria is no exception. Little wonder, in those days of traditional administration, when a child is born, the parents make it as a necessity of utmost responsibility that is owed to both self and society to find out the future of such a child. This is not a narrative poem of any sort neither is it a story. This piece is so structured for allusion on one hand and on the other; it serves as a food for thought for the people of Gombe as they prepare to make their political decisions in 2019. The lesson from the piece can be summarized with the notion that the future is so important that it gives hope to mankind and sometimes snowball into the reason(s) for existence if it is favorable.
In the religious circle, many see their future in the many prophesies that emanate from the mouth of divine beings as a reason to live into the future or do something about the present to alter the unfavorable prophesies. Mother Nature is not so unkind as to allow a man or society into a future irrespective of its occurrences without a sign in the present. A wise man once said and I quote: “any rain that falls without a cloud or wind as its harbinger, tells two things. It is either that the rain is not from nature or that man has refused to read one of the numerous signs that presage the rain’’ The above quote has been bottled in English with the saying “`A Good Friday is seen in the preceding Wednesday’’. What this means is that signs are part of the human existence and had enveloped all endeavors of human activities and aspects of living: politics, governance, religion, education and so on. Signs are so important that it determines human decisions and choices in life.
As we anticipate with curiosity the year of political decision and choice in Nigeria, my only advice is for Nigerians and Gombe people to look out for the signs before they make political choices that would determine their doom or development in the next four years from 2019. One of the problems that the people of Nigeria have is our inability to look out for signs. Whoever promises to run must show you some over-the-years-evidence that he can walk now.
Politics is said to be a game of number but leadership is about skills and character. Yes politically we have so many people vying for the highest political office in Gombe State with the requisite skills and trainings. However, we must not be negligible as a people not to recall that character plays a sacrosanct role in predicting to near accuracy the ability of an individual to do great things in the future. Many may have the skills to govern us but the character to do what is needful, would be lacking. Vicky and Martin Webster once remarked that “the biggest obstacle to achieving great things is one’s behavior, adding that leadership skills alone won’t get you where you need to be’’. By character we are looking at the political will to do what you know is the right thing for the good of all and sundry. The fact that Gombe was able to be what it is today was not by magic but the efforts of past leaderships in the state which JIG is ready to continue with. Dr Jamil Isyaka Gwamna, (JIG) is one man in that same cadre because the signs over the years have shown that Sardaunan Gombe has a dare-the-devil-attitude to challenge anyone who does the wrong things. The eagle-eye of the people at the grassroots have scanned JIG and found him not guilty in character and of course skills and trainings. One good sign of the character of Sardaunan that would be harnessed when he takes the mantle of leadership as the Governor of Gombe is the fact that the Sardaunan always puts his people first where it matters. He marries words and actions. JIG has been envisaged to be the future-graphic of who a sincere and genuine leader should be.
Another key attribute of the Sardaunan Gombe is the fact that he abhors debt. This is one attribute that many bad leaders are often guilty of. Any man that feels unperturbed owing people is not fit for leadership. This is one of the reasons most governments at the state level owe their workers and the top political leaders in such governments feel good to live in affluence and luxury. This makes JIG a better leader and a good choice as the next governor because he would leverage on the good foundation the state was build on and continue on it and even surpass them to make gombe a shining star among it contemporaries. yet the debt profile of the state is not alarming as the state’s economy is as robust and sustainable as that of Lagos despite the meager Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) in Gombe state. I would like the people of Gombe to know that prudence which is a tool for sustaining any economy is not just in skills but more in character so whoever says he has the skills, please always be quick to recall that JIG has the character and requisites quality to take Gombe to the promise land.
Also, JIG is a man that has the jaw-dropping political and economic network that is demanded to build the inter-states synergy that would enhance the bilateral trade that most Asian Tigers have leveraged onto build their nations or provinces. The world is about interactions and bilateral co-ordinations; hence we cannot risk the future of Gombe in the hands of anyone who is bankrupt of the necessary connections for governance in this regard. I know that JIG has got this big time in view of his highly webbed connections outside the state, Nigeria and the world. From the few Wednesdays of JIG that have been discussed and many more not highlighted here, we confidently know that the good and beautiful Friday of the state shall be secured with our very own SARDAUNAN GOMBE as governor come 2019. This is a clarion call on the good people of Gombe State.

Kamaluddeen Sani writes Gombe, and can be reached on

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