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Published On: Mon, Oct 27th, 2014

8 ways to cheat in a relationship without “cheating”

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Couple-RelationRelationships, especially long-term ones can be challenging – with all the temptations that we try to overcome and conquer when it comes to the opposite sex.

Some people say it is difficult to be in a long-term relationship and not cheat during the relationship. When these temptations come, we can close our eyes and move on, right? But the most appropriate question is why you even want to be tempted in the first place when it could be avoided.

Anything you cannot do comfortably in front of your partner is cheating. Sometimes, some people do not even know they are cheating which is where this article comes in.

1. Flirting: Now, most people might think this is harmless but this can lead to so many things. You are at the office and you are flirting with this pretty girl who you obviously know is into you, but you go on anyway. In your mind, you are still thinking it’s harmless. This is totally wrong because in this case, you know you can’t date her because you have a girlfriend so why put yourself in that position?

2. Dressing up for the opposite sex: If you find yourself dressing to kill for the opposite sex other than your partner, then you have something up your sleeves. Your partner should be the only one you want to look good for. You should dress up because you want people to be jealous of what you share as a couple and not the other way around.

3. Going to events alone: I am not insinuating your partner be your handbag everywhere you go; which, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. But when you go to events alone all the time, each time you are out, you are alone and giving the others a wrong impression of you. Most people would think you are single which would lead to inappropriate situations you have no control over. Over a period of time, you start to give in, especially if you see them over and over again. This leads me to the next point.

4. Avoid inappropriate situations: When you go out a lot by yourself and you keep seeing this pretty girl who you know likes you, eventually you become friends. After being friends, it becomes hanging out alone and the likeness grows from there. Avoid situations like this because they always lead to the wrong things.

5. Confiding in the opposite sex: This second point refers mainly to confiding in the opposite sex that you know wants to date you. You know deep in your thoughts that this person wants to date you but you tell him/her really personal things about your partner. The only person you should be confiding in is your partner. Let him/her be your best friend. They say the best relationships are the ones where the two individuals are best friends and can talk about anything. Those who are in this type of relationship know how awesome it feels. You do not need to go outside to look for that.

6. Getting an online boyfriend/girlfriend: From the Nigerian point of view, I know Badoo is very popular here. Badoo is a dating social network. You have a partner who you are hoping to get married to but you find yourself having a boyfriend or girlfriend on Badoo. This is wrong if you are in a relationship. You might be thinking that the relationship is only online and you may never meet but it’s still cheating whichever way you look at it.

7. Getting addicted to online porn: You shouldn’t be addicted to online porn in the first place. Then its double crime when you are in a relationship. Let’s assume you want to stay celibate and wait till marriage but you are watching online porn all the time. There is not much difference. The truth is that your partner would not like the fact that you are addicted so you won’t tell her. Once you start hiding things, that’s a sign that you are cheating.

8. Putting everything first before your partner: This is an emotional type of cheating. When everyone seems to be more important than your partner. It can best be described as ‘emotional cheating’. Every other person in this world always seems to be more relevant than your significant other. It’s cheating as well so desist from it.

At the end of it all, the general overview of this article is, any ‘negative’ thing you see yourself doing secretly without your partner’s permission can be summarised as cheating in its own way. It does not always have to be with another person. The truth is, no one is perfect. So try to work out your differences if your partner is worth it.

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