2023: No youth or youth-like candidate will be president

By Fredrick Odorige

I am not about to deliberately shock you, but with the texture and posture of Nigerian youths today, Omoyele Sowore cannot win his Ondo state if he contests as President in 2023. He cannot win the Presidency either.
Is it not the same complacent traditional rulers who have remained silent to Sowore’s arrest that will still be on the throne? Traditional rulers that are afraid and do not want their government-owned staff of office, cars and monthly stipends to be taken away by government!
Today`s Nigerian youths do not deserve a Sowore. His dreams and aspirations for a new Nigeria is way too high for them. Our youths are too busy for a Sowore’s sermon.
It may take another 50 years (2069) before they may catch up with his vision and that of the rest of us. It may be too late by then because the youths would have wasted another generation and rare opportunity to harness the glowing beauty and fresh morning dews of Nigeria.
This is an inter-generational crises!
Is it not the same National Association of Nigerian Students that may rush to promise Tinubu 20 million votes but have deliberately refused to comment or act on Sowore’s detention? Is it not the same Nigeria Labour Congress that did not see the sense of Sowore fighting for the implementation of the minimum wage? Is it the same AAC that has been torn asunder by greed, power tussle and external influences?
Kingsley Moghalu has left his party known as YPP. I strongly perceive that his strategy is to join APC later and contest the Presidency with the expectation that majority will support the Igbo presidency. When that time comes, he will understand what it really means when we say ” dog eat dog”.
Many of the other young aspirants that tried to contest in 2019 will chicken out because we shall be alive to boo them into their holes since majority of them continue to remain silent at the many terrible and horrible situation of our country.
WHEN Nigerian leaders tell you that children and youths are the leaders of tomorrow, it does not include you that is just a youth.
They are simply referring to their children that they are grooming to take over from them.
The current number of street children in Nigeria is over 16million and the number is growing as families are continually torn apart by the hostile hand of poverty.
As at November 2019, the number of our street children is around 17million. This is equivalent to the population of 15 European countries such as Cyprus, Slovenia, Montenegro, Norway, Ireland, Vatican City, Malta, Iceland, Andorra, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Iceland, San Marino, Croatia and Monaco.
Our children either beg to survive, used every four years as under-aged voters or donated as suicide bombers to terrorist groups.
The current Nigerian government is focusing on borrowing because they are very aware that today’s youths are too disorganized to protest. The government is borrowing so that it will be difficult for today’s beggarly children to pay back. Thereafter, their children who they are quietly sponsoring into political positions today, will continue the insidious and odious dynasty of today’s Pharaohs.
That is why Ibrahim Babajide Obanikoro is now in the House of Representatives (his father is Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, former Minister of State for Defence who in cohort with others, diverted billions of naira meant to equip the Nigerian army). Bukola and Gbemisola Saraki rode on their father’`s horse (Olusola Saraki) into politics and sucked. Beni Lar, currently in the House of Reprezentatives, is the eldest daughter of Solomon Lar former Governor of Plateau state. Olumide Osoba also in the same House, is the son of Segun Osoba, former governor of Ogun state. Others in the same House of Representatives are Akeem Adeyemi, one of the sons of the respected Alafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Adeyemi; Moshood Akiolu, son of the respected Oba of Lagos; Shamsuddeen Dambazau son of former Minister of Interior Lt-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau; Blessing Onuh-Mark daughter of David Mark who was in the Senate for 20 years after being Minister and Governor. The list is on and on.
Ironically, Youths now call youths lazy for not standing up against the many social and economic injustice going on!
Now people are jostling for the Presidency to come to their region in 2023.
Since independence, which President has favoured his region? The Northerners that have ruled the longest number of years remain the poorest, least secured and least literate, yet we envy their emptiness.
In the midst of the campaign, I released a video in which I said that no Nigerian youth can be President in 2019. The factors that led to that video are still very much in existence.
Unless our youths begin to create political awareness and alliances in our higher institutions; unless youth associations are established and selflessly solidified; unless they denounce thuggery and stand up in multitude; unless they join us in the 7 Midnights of pray-cursing to delete and expire the political vampires; unless they stop mocking themselves, either Pharaoh or the children of Pharaoh will rule again and again as we travel along the tortuous road of the global capital of poverty, way beyond 2050.

Fredrick Odorige is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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