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Published On: Thu, Feb 1st, 2018

2019: Obasanjo speaks on what Coalition for Nigerian Movement will do

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By Lateef Ibrahim, Abuja


Former President, ChiefOlusegun Obasanjo has said that the Coalition for Nigerian Movement, CNM, which he is spearheading will, along others of the same view and like minds, leave no stone unturned to actualise God-given potentials of our country.

Obasanjo gave the assurance yesterday in a statement issued by him after registering for the CNM.

The former President of Nigeria between 1999 and 2007 on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party,  pointed out that movement does not regard itself as a third force, but as a popular movement that can accommodate all Nigerians irrespective of their political interest or affiliations and will propel Nigeria forward.


Nigeria,, Obasanjo said, belongs to all Nigerians to be made right and that the Coalition with others of the same view and like minds will leave no stone unturned to actualise God-given potentials of our country.


The Movement, according to him, will spearhead process, programme, policies and priorities to make Nigeria a great country playing its expected roles within West Africa, Africa and the world.

He assured that the Nigerian youth will be emboldened, empowered, have employment, and play meaningful and responsible roles in the leadership and governance of the country in all ramifications.

Nigerian women , he further said, will have dignity, responsibility and equal consideration with men in the affairs of Nigeria.

Accoding to him, “The Movement is a means to an end. The end is Nigeria, unshackled, united, dynamic, strong, secure, cohesive, stable, and prosperous at home and respected outside, and as result, able to play decisive roles assertively within the comity of nations.

“A Nigeria of hope, aspiration and assurances which belongs to all with no sacred cow nor sacrificial lamb is what we want. My Nigeria, your Nigeria and our Nigeria with enchanting present and secure and glorious future.


“Join the Movement to build a new Nigeria that will be in the hands of God”, he said.


Obasanjo, stressing further, said, “Last week, I issued a statement which I did not do lightly or frivolously but out of deep concern for the situation of our country. I gave an expose on some aspects of our situations as I have observed them. I also took liberty to offer advice politely knowing fully well that my advice could be heeded or may be ignored.


“However, heeded or not, I strongly believe that Nigeria cannot continue with business as usual. So, I proffered a way out or a way forward.


“If the instruments we have used so far in our nation-building and governance since independence have not served us well, it is imperative that we should rethink and retool. “It was Einstein who stated that it would amount to height of folly for anybody or any group to continue to do things in the same way and expect different results.

“Coalition for Nigeria Movement is proposed as the new direction to mobilise our population for unity, cooperation, development, rule of law, employment, law and order, justice, integration, peace, security, stability, welfare and well-being. In these regards, special attention and space must be given to youths and women, who in most cases, have been victims and underlings.

“I am particularly happy that yesterday (wednesday), men and women (of all ages) of like minds joined hands to launch Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM).

“Among many other things that CNM will do is to raise standards generally but particularly standards of political leadership and governance.

“Like all countries, Nigeria has many challenges. That, by itself, is not what we should worry about. What should matter is how, when and with what instruments we address or fail to address these challenges or create more problems.

“Let me emphasise important areas, programme, priorities, or processes for improved attention. To start with, we seem to have taken nation-building for granted. “Nation-building must be given continued attention to give every citizen a feeling of belonging and a stake in his or her country”, he said



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