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Published On: Wed, Dec 25th, 2019

2019 in retrospect (1)

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Politically, year 2019 is unique in the political history of Nigeria. The games, the atrocities, the unbecoming attitudes of politicians who became willing and ready to destroy for their personal goals and selfish interests; the results, the positive turn around events, the actions and actors, the villains, that cannot and will not easily be forgotten in the annals of the history of Nigeria, were made in 2019.
Students of political history would have a swell day making 2019 a reference for years and ages to come.
From the decisive propaganda that summarises the preparations and campaign for the 2019 elections to the will and the desire of unscrupulous politicians to bring everything down just to get a taste of power once again; the divisive tactics along ethno-religious setting that almost brought the country on its knee.
The calibrated, orchestrated, well-planned and designed crimes, criminality and pockets of devilish attacks that were made part of the build up to 2019 elections will go down in the history of the nation as ones that are not necessary and that the country was not supposed to be subjected to.
We will not in distant future forget the emergent of the orchestrated herdsmen/farmers clashes, we would definitely not forget the manipulated kidnapping, increased armed robbery that became part of the build up to 2019 elections. Much more, we are not going to forget how most of those fizzled out as soon as the elections were over.
The Benue story, the killings that refused to go; the killings that became the major national headline for months before the elections; and the killings that died immediately after the elections, especially on the social media. These are things we cannot forget about 2019.
The predisposition of PDP, the campaign tactics and approach and actions attributed to the party, the members and the power blogs within the party will not be forgotten in the annals of political history of Nigeria. The orchestrated propaganda, the many lies against the siting president; the unfounded accusations conveyed from all corners within the party. Those credited to the presidential candidate of the party, Atiku Abubakar, those credited to the vice presidential candidate, Peter Obi; the whole of the tactless comparative analysis between Nigeria and china and so many.
Much more, we will not forget the major factor that broke the backbone of Atiku Abubakar in the 2019 election. As much as we will always remember with so much interest, the turnaround of former president Olusegun Obasanjo to support Atiku Abubakar; one that would still need to be researched, to understand the remote prompting cause beyond the current and recent exposures of bribery allegations. Though the need for better understanding is sacrosanct yet the fact remains that in a very dramatic move, Mr. Former president turned around to declares Atiku as the best president Nigeria needed at this material time.
Funny enough, those statements credited to Obasanjo and his support for Atiku also became the major downfall of Atiku. Obasanjo coming out to openly declare his love and trust for Atiku only prompted Nigerians to returned back to Obasanjo’s book “My Watch” and reminded him and all who cares to listen, all that he had personally and irrevocably says , on printed pages of newspapers and his book read globally said about the same Atiku. How he narrated evidentially the capacity of Mr. Atiku to sell Nigeria and to steal the entire country if the opportunity provide itself. How he stated categorically that if he, having known all that he knows about Atiku; all the things Atiku had done against the interest of Nigeria, and still capable of doing, would turn around to support him in anything, that God himself would not forgive him.
Indeed, 2019 is robustly swelled. It was a year of huge drama!
The year 2019 saw so much elitists gang-up against the President Buhari, to remove him by all means at the poll. The opposition played so much ethnic and religious cards that led to the crack in the fabrics that hold the nation together. Religious Leaders threw caution to the wind and turn their pulpits and altars to campaign platforms for the for individual candidate and offered words that are unbecoming of their religious callings; words that till date still hunt the country as we struggle to build walls that are broken. Ethnic leaders equally fanned the amber of discords till we become so much disintegrated across all divides.
The Yorubas’, the Hausa’s, the Igbos likewise Muslims and Christian’s become perpetual enemies throwing tantrums on daily basis till today mainly via social media and every available and affordable media. The North is at the center of it all; the so called “fulanisation” agenda and the Islamisation agenda became a popular song, created, nurtured and spread from the camps of the politicians and used to pull the country to the brim of collapse.
But we thank God, that after everything, light prevail over darkness and Nigeria is still Nigeria and one indivisible nation and we are still getting stronger by the day.
In discussing the acts that shaped the political and social landscape of the country in 2019, we would have to begin from the acts and doings of the two major political parties in the country. The activities of the PDP would need to be highlighted; the year saw the PDP in a desperate move to unseat the incumbent president as at that time, forgot the hygienic and acceptable political procedures of democratic movement and chose to go through the backdoor of lies, of propaganda; pitching the people against one another and against the president and his administration, just to mobilise support for its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar.
It became glaring as lies after lies; propaganda after propaganda were broken and exposed as lies, yet the party refused to stop as another lie is followed by another propaganda. For posterity, there is need to document the many lies and propaganda of the pseudo politicians in the build-up to the 2019 elections.
We need to look at the campaign structure of a major political party that claimed to be strong contender to win the presidential election but refused to tour the country during the during the campaign season. From playing solidarity for Onnoghen to unexplainable reasons, from documented reports, PDP campaign in approximately 60 percent of states in the country and also excluded the FCT and yet the party believed they would win the presidential election. That is unprecedented; and goes a long way to justify the claims from many quarters that the party and its flag bearer had no plan to win the election through the ballot but some back doors that unfortunately were closed against them.
We cannot in anyway forget the many atrocities committed by the those power mongers; we cannot forget the plans orchestrated in the the National Assembly, to forcefully effect a change in the electoral law to accommodate their planned rigging of the elections
We will not also forget the ruling party, the APC in such a hurry. We will not forget how for the very first time in the history of Nigeria, the ruling party , with all the paraphernalia and apparatus of authority of state at its disposal would watch as they lose legal battle after legal battle leading to loss of the states under the control of their party.
We would not forget in a hurry also what happened in Rivers and Zamfara states to APC, the presidency did not in any way interfere; we would not forget the number of these cases that needed to be documented for posterity.
We cannot but remember the activities of the former Chief Justice of the federation Justice, Onnoghen; his alleged alliances with the PDP and the theoretical plans to use him to influence legal decisions related to the elections at the tribunals.
Also in 2019, the activities of the court are one that cannot be troubled aside; beginning from the Onnoghen case; the dust that were raised. Was the president right to have taken the decision he took? Was Onnoghen removal justifiable? Why was PDP more interested in defending Onnoghen without bothering to discuss the substances of the allegations at the code of conduct tribunal ? These are factors that need to be discussed further for posterity sake. The removal of Onnoghen; what part does it play in subsequent political realities of the 2019 elections?
Still talking about the court, the dramas of the presidential election tribunal cannot be allowed to go undiscussed. It was a drama; Atiku going to court , a constitutional right; but Atiku presentations at the court, a drama that can best be classified as a legal comedy.
The 2019 election in Nigeria held; we were all at the polling units; we cast our votes; ballots were counted; results were announced at all polling units and collated all the way to the national collation center at the International Conference Center, Abuja, which we all watched live on our television screens. The results were collated state by state in the view of global audiences manually and the final result announced. The whole world watched it; the whole world saw it; observers, local and international attested to the sanity and sanctity of the process though not without few here and there issues which cannot be ruled out from any electoral outing globally.
But as soon as we got to the tribunal, we started hearing the tales of election not manually coordinated. We started hearing the tale of an existing INEC server. A server that is unknown to the electoral law but which Atiku and his team manufactured and presented to Nigerians and spent millions of dollars to prove that it exist in court. The entire episode is a drama worth reminding Nigerians as we celebrate the yuletide.
Living the political parties and the court, the part played by Olusegun Obasanjo is worth remembering. He is a man who had placed himself by chance at the vantage position of a kingmaker; one who believe he can hire and fire at will; believe he can enthrone and dethrone political office holders. Looking at his antecedents, you will remember how he personally installed late President Yaradua (of blessed memory) after his tenure and how in just few months into the administration, they fell apart; we all remember how he brought in Jonathan and in less than two years, they fell apart again. We remember the many letters that were written and how he contributed to the downfall of Jonathan in 2015. We also remember his little contribution to the emergence of President Buhari in 2015 after he tore his PDP membership card and vowed never to have anything to do the with the devilish party any longer; but he soon fell apart with the president also in his characteristic manner as soon as the president turned out not to be what he expected. We also remember all the letters that followed.
We equally remember how he swallowed his pride and declared Atiku the messiah that Nigeria needed. We remember all that he wrote against the same Atiku. Fast forward, we must also remember that eventually, we started seeing reasons; the bribe allegation which must be documented for posterity. We must also note what becomes of Obasanjo after the Atiku loss at the poll; we remember how he refused to be quieted and how he eventually become quiet after the revelation of the bribery allegation of what Atiku gave him to buy off his conscience and change his mind
Aside Obasanjo, there are many other individuals who contributed negatively and positively alike to the total existence of the country in 2019. We have T.Y Danjuma, a man many alleged that he was part of the factors to the clashes between, kutiyep Jukuns and Tivs along the Benue/Taraba axis of the country. We remember how his hatred for the president also pitch him against the president and how he was one of the major forces eager to get the president out of the presidency in the 2019 Election.
In the last few days of the year 2019, we also remember the statement credited to him that he know so much about Nigeria and he cannot talk because if he talk, Nigerians would not be able to sleep again; and we wonder what it is that Danjuma knows that is so bad that the Nigerian people would not be able to sleep if they know; and he knows it all along and is able to sleep comfortably.
T.Y Danjuma must not be a Nigerian to be comfortable with the Nigeria problem that he know and is very bad and he could sleep without flutter and he would not say it for us to begin search for solution.
So we wonder what he knows; we equally presume, maybe he knows nothing. He might just be scared and preparing for what is to come; with all the allegations pointed at him and the fact that eventually his days would come to face the law and definitely answer to his many wrong doings against Nigeria. He might just be scared that at the rate looters and enemies of the commonwealth are ending in jail; beyond his atrocities at Odi and Zaki Biam in 1999 and 2001 respectively, he might soon need to account for his unexplainable robust wealth across the globe.

God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!

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