2019 elections: Cleric urges S/Kaduna people to obtain voter cards

From: Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

The people of Southern Kaduna have been enjoined to obtain their voter cards ahead of the 2019 general election to enable them perform their civic responsibility in the elections.
The Dean Academic of Saint Albert the Great Institute of Philosophy, Fadan Kagoma, Reverend Father Williams Abba made the call in his sermon at thanksgiving service for the released former Vanguard reporter, Luka Binniyat, held at Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Zaman Dabo, Zangon Kataf, Local Government Area.
He added that failure to obtain voter cards and refusal to vote, means such individual have automatically become the Judas Iscariot of southern Kaduna.
Reverend Father Abba also advised the people of the region to be politically conscious and determine who governs them because the days of lethargy are far gone.
“We must be politically conscious and involved. The days of lethargy are far gone. We are all suffering now because of the lackadaisical attitude of some of us. Prior to the 2015 elections, it was drummed into our ears to vote wisely as the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. We were accosted and called names.
“Every grown up person of Southern Kaduna extraction must have his or her voter’s card. If you don’t have a voter card and you refuse to vote, you have automatically become the Judas Iscariot of Southern Kaduna. Whatever it takes to get to the polling unit, you have to do it. Whatever it takes to go and obtain voters card, you have to do it. We have no choice. Being politically involved also means that we are up to speed with events happening around us.
“Do not be intimidated by a certain demented governor who referred to Southern Kaduna as merely constituting only 30 per cent. It is a ploy already to rig us out. We must never succumb to this blackmail and narrative. Those who have boasted about winning elections without votes from Southern Kaduna will have a taste of their pudding in the coming elections and we will see how that pans out”, he said.

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