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Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

2019: As Kano Central constituents set to decide

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By Muhammad D Ahmad

The next National Assembly particularly senate is coming after turbulent government and assembly of men and women, who by any standard cannot be said to have performed credibly well in terms of people oriented projects and programmes and making corresponding laws that would better living standard and fasten development.
The National Assembly is a constitutional locomotive for any purposeful democratic government, it provides checks to the government of the day and a legal basis for the system in general .This basically accounts for the high respect usually accorded and, of course, the attendant high expectation placed on it. The legislative arm of government like any other is saddled with the responsibility enshrined in the constitution and among such major functions includes representation, oversight and law making in addition to many other numerous functions.
Be that as it may, it has been a genuine cause for worry for Nigerians that, despite our series of experimentation with democracy, our legislators have performed below expectation. Their handling of national issues has remained without constitutional decorum and political experience required of people of their exalted status. Part 2, Section 4 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, vests the legislative powers of the federation on the National Assembly which comprises of the Senate and House of Representatives.
In fact, in the next 9th upper chamber of the parliament it is vital to mix the experience of the old or returning members and the exuberance and commitment of the incoming members, nothing short is expected from the members in deepening the wetness of democratic garden and shunning all personal and retrogressive tendencies as its atmosphere for the progress of the nation and survival of democracy.
Kano Central is the only senatorial district that keep on changing its Senators in each election since 1999, it happened in 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015. It is crystal clear that in 2019 the senatorial position is on the verge of repeating the same history of one term each to its Senators since the beginning of the fourth dispensation.
As the zone searches for the best man or woman to represent them for this serious legislative task. A name which keeping ringing bell is Hon. Aliyu Madakin Gini, a two term member of the House of Representatives representing Dala Federal Constituency. The legislative czar with over 50 motions in the 7th and 8th House of Representatives have legislative interest in areas of appropriation ,finance ,health, housing &habitats ,marine and police affairs. Honourable Madaki excellent legislative stewardship in the lower house as member representing Dala Federal Constituency from 2011 to date is a testimony of his competence to graduate to the upper red chambers of the National Assembly in the February 2019 national elections.
His experience in the house included the following legislative tasks; Committee Member at Banking and Currency Committee, Committee member at Foreign Affairs Committee, Committee member at Health Institutions Committee ,Vice –Chairman at Legislative Budget and Research Committee and Member at Appropriation Committee among several committees and adhoc assignment of the green house. Madakin gini has opened yet another vista of debate among electorates on the value of quality representation with vigor, expertise and experience of having a wider constituency responsibility and coverage among all the 24 members of the House of Representatives. He has vindicated his mettle and constituents that the confidence reposes in him was not in vain with his eloquent consistent and fearless voice always seeking the improvement of lives of his constituents, Kano and Nigeria in general through legislative interventions through his desire to improve the good laws that will help enrich the living standard of Nigerians and enhance the general security situation in the country.
Aliyu Madaki commands a lot of respect from his colleagues, largely due to the way he articulates his ideas and thoughts each times he speaks on the floor of the House as his colleagues listen with rapt attention whenever he contributes to any debate or table a motion which comes in regularly. His calmness and maturity has earned him the nickname “the stabilizer”, amongst friends and colleagues, many of whom consult him for advice which has come in handy in more than a few times. Hon. Aliyu has also been constant, stabilizing factor in the 7th and 8th House, following his numerous behind the scenes interventions and mediations on critical national issues. He has a big dossier of constituency outreach that reflects his close touch with his constituents. He has utilized the opportunity given to him through projects he attracted to his constituency and his name is registered in the heart of his people.
Hon. Madaki is truly a representative of the people going by the amount of work he was able to do for the overall benefit of his constituents. In fact, it is worth elucidating that this incoming Senator was able to touch the lives of the people of whole Kano in his eight years of legislative stewardship. So far he has proved to be one of the few federal lawmakers that impact the lives of their representation. No matter what anyone would say, the amount of dividends of democracy that this Senator was able to bring to the door step of the people he is representing is unmatched.
Aliyu Madaki’s development credentials and landmarks speak volumes. The highlights of which were stellar achievements of constructing and rehabilitating schools and re-positioning the educational sector in the more definitive ,radically ,progressive and futuristic manner , not to mention the expansive provision of basic welfares amenities for the citizens in water resources, healthcare, power and the greatly improved living standards for his people in terms of capacity building, empowerment and educational scholarship for his people ,all shone brightly for both his admirers and detractors to access.
In whatever one indulges in there are always people to observe and give their verdict .it is a well known fact that there is nothing stronger than the people’s verdict. it shows a collective desire which inevitably is the voice of reason. The momentum of Hon. Aliyu Madaki Senatorial bid in gathering amongst all strata of the Kano Central Senatorial district is enough testimony that experience counts in the race for the parliamentary seat.
Ahmad wrote in from Yakasai Quarters of Kano.

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