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Published On: Fri, Mar 16th, 2018

2019 around the corner

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Independent National Electoral Commission INEC

Independent National Electoral Commission INEC

FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

Time flies as they say. There are only 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour and all in all 1440 minutes per day. In 30 days, no matter how crafty a politician is, he will have only 720 hours to do abracadabra. While in 365 days in a 12 months calendar year, he will only manipulate the electorate for only 48 months and 1460 days in a 4-years term mandate. If you deduct the time to sleep at say 8 hours per day or 2920 hrs per annum, it will add up to around 4 months for napping plus deep sleep. If a politician must attend to his family and relations including sundry matters, he may knock off additional 3 months and thus may be left with 5 months in a fiscal year to govern or indeed misgovern. So really there is not much time left for a do-or-die in politics. Of course to take recourse to fatalism may not be advisable since in life one must struggle.
There is a Hausa adage which says “komin nisan jifa, kasa za ta dawo”. In other words no matter how high one throws a stone it will fall back on earth. Scientists now understand that they must obey the gravitational or natural laws. And again to buttress this point, the Hausa say “halbe halbe baya hana ka mutuwa”. When death comes, struggling with your legs, kicking here and there will not stop one from dying. The graveyard is the final destination for the good, the bad and the ugly Nigerian. Just like if one slaughters a ram or goat, before it dies, it will kick the east, west, and north and south and at the end the butcher will take it to where it will cut the meat and finally to the kitchen or the suya depot. Thereafter, to the tummies of men.
Come 2019, those who have looted funds and reserved it to buy voters and using illegal anti-grazing laws to cause terror and cover their crimes; those using fake media to cover their diabolical acts by orchestrating fake news; those who exploit religious sentiments to instigate minority groups in Taraba, Benue, southern Kaduna, Tafawa Balewa axis in Bauchi and Waja in Gombe have allowed a section of CAN to contrive genocide on their Muslim neighbours. We have not forgotten the familiar game of the “treacherous southern press” branding of Hausa-Fulani as Tutsis via the late Bola Ige, a hard core Awoist who nemesis caught up with under Obasanjo.
The vilification of Shagari a Muslim, Fulani and former President by the late Awoist Tai Solarin is another case in point.The continuous campaign by the Awoist to the effect that “If you stop peaceful change to happen, violent change is inevitable” during Shagari administration is the kind of disrespect some southerners harbor any time a Muslim or northerner anywhere in Nigeria with better credentials and sense of justice for all becomes President.
In short they encouraged the army to topple Shagari a Muslim Fulani because Awo was rejected at the polls by Nigerians. The same people induced the Dimka coup, Okar coup and the Mambilla genocide and the jungle and illegal anti-grazing law and the use of militia in Benue and Taraba states. 2019 around the corner, cousin to Nzeogwu in the person of an Ibo deputy senate President Ekweremedu is making such evil suggestions again. GEJ did not understand the dynamics of nation building just as his compatriots who naively see clannish world view as a basis for power control. Whether one is a Muslim or whatever we believe in, Allah does not accept injustice from any of His servants. Orubebe a clueless south-south former Minister was employed to scuttle the 2015 election to shift attention from the “earthquake corruption”. Now that 2019 is around the corner, ythe diabolical games have started manifesting. The anti-grazing law is one such. The genocide in Mambilla and the killings of herders by militia sponsored by the governors that have diverted the salaries and pensions of their workers are reference points.
The whistle blowing senator Sani’s comment on the N13.6 million paid to Senators per month equivalent to N164.2 million per annum to sleeping Senators and clogs in the wheel of progress against common man in the face of the anti-corruption drive of Buhari is instructive. Come 2019, Nigerians should vote out all those with pending cases with ICPC, EFCC and the courts and those who looted the N100 billion funds paid by Jonathan to settle herders/farmers conflicts. Thereafter a referendum to reduce the number and pay packages and roles of these redundant fat cat Senators should come in to force. The anti-grazing governors, who took the N100 billion from Jonathan to settle the herders and farmers conflicts but did not and are rather pursuing the do-or-die politics for 2019 must be prosecuted and sent to prison.
It is instructive to note that since Prophet Adam was sent out of the Paradise down to earth, the battle between right and wrong started. The battles between good and evil, right and wrong and hypocrisy versus righteousness and also might against right. All these manifestations lead to one thing and that is to accumulate wealth and commit injustice and wrong. The manifestations and love for evil tendencies with Nigerians despite the idle shows and deceits as so-called Muslims and Christians. They have failed to realize that it is truth and not falsehood that give happiness. The battle between corrupt elements and those with good hearts will remain till the end of times. One day is for the owner and 99 for the thieves.

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