2019: APC’s failure campaigning for PDP – Makarfi

By Ali Alkali

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, Chairman of the Caretaker Committee the of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has thanked the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, for campaigning for the PDP, saying the ruling party’s failure to actualize its mandate and its promise of ‘Change’ is giving the PDP the upper hand in the coming elections.
Speaking to reporters, Makarfi happily declared: “They have been campaigning for us; and we thank them so much and we pray that they will continue to campaign for us.
He revealed that PDP has grown stronger and better after the low morale of the defeat of 2015.
“We are not afraid, we have never been afraid of meetings or conventions but the party in power has been afraid of meetings, of holding conventions,” he added.
“So in spite of all these, at least we are able to sit in meetings, to do convention knowing that opinion defers; but at the end of the day, the party is supreme and we are matching on. So I think we are in a better state immediately after the loss of the 2015 election, and even up to the time we came out of the Supreme Court.
According to the former Kaduna State Governor, the APC government, under President Buhari’s stewardship, has made the prospect of the PDP better.
“We had bright chances of taking over power in 2019. We have come out of the immediate crisis. I am very hopeful that we are going to come out of any possible convention crisis. But among the sub committees we intend to put in place, is a post convention reconciliation committee.
“We will not wait till after the convention; but it would be in place knowing that there must be some fallout – because there must be winners and losers; and it is best to get prepared and work to assuage feelings as a result of having contested and lost.
“Of course I won’t be chairman by then but we need to take certain actions that would make sure that certain things are in place so that we can swing into action immediately.”

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