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Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2019

2019 an opportunity for real change, PDP Senatorial candidate says

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From Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Senatorial candidate for Kaduna Central, Lawal Adamu Usman (Mr. LA), said there is cause of optimism as the country begins its departure from the hardship of the last four years into a new era of renewed ambition and hope in politics.
In a new year message signed by Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, his media director, Mr. LA observed that New Year is a time for taking stock, a time to count blessings and spare a thought for those less fortunate than others, and those who have fallen on hard times.
He said, unlike the ruling All Progressives Congress, the PDP is ready to offer a positive vision of a sustainable future and a fairer, more equal society by pushing for unity in 2019, rather than bitter division.
Speaking specifically on Kaduna State, he said the power El-rufa’i and the APC have is not being used to improve people’s lives, despite the mountain of unrealistic campaign promises that propelled high expectations.
“Almost four years on, what has happened to those promises and raised hopes? Poverty, homelessness and joblessness now so rife they are almost taken for granted. Our health service, schools and civil service are stretched to breaking point in an economy flagging and manufacturing jobs lost.”
“We must renew that founding spirit, and refrsh that ambition by taking away that power and placing it where it can mean real change.
“Described 2015 to 2018 as most chaotic and divisive years in the history of Nigeria and in particular, Kaduna state, Mr LA said, “we need to draw a line under it and use 2019 to get back on track. We have a real opportunity this year to push for unity, rather than the current division, bitterness and mutual distrust.”
He said for those who, in 2014, were deceived into supporting a false new future for state, but are now understandably uncertain and nervous, angry even, 2019 would be an exciting and liberating year that offers the promise of something better.
“The next few weeks will therefore be momentous in our history – and none of us can predict exactly how it is going to turn out. But as we go through the coming election period, we believe that we all have good cause to do so with a well-grounded optimism in our future.
“People who play their part in their communities should have the opportunity to get decent jobs, afford their own homes and rely on good public services, with a government on their side. That’s not the reality for millions of people in Kaduna state today.
“So 2019 looks set to be less challenging than the years gone by. We in the PDP are ready to offer our positive vision of a sustainable future and a fairer, more equal society; a Kaduna state ready to take its place on the national stage and to build peace and friendship instead of fences and walls,” he said.
The Senatorial Candidate predicted that in the coming new federal parliament to be dominated by the PDP, and in federal and state executive councils, and in every community in the country, the PDP is resolved to inject fresh values into the new wave of political engagement which has risen in recent years as the foundations of the nation’s democracy were tested.
“A fresh generation of political campaigners who refuse to accept the current inaction, is today showing that a rational and knowledge-based response to our national challenges can offer hope for a better life for all of us” he added.
The senatorial candidate then urged all communities in the state to observe a peaceful holiday season with a renewed commitment to communal harmony, love and mutual trust.
“As we celebrate this year’s New Year, we wish to rejoice with the whole nation and with all Kaduna state communities in particular,”

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