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Published On: Tue, Sep 2nd, 2014

2015:Group endorses Jonathan for second tenure


The Jonathan Actualization Movement (JAM), Gombe state chapter, has assured Nigerians that re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 would not only boost socio-economic development of the country but will also  have direct bearing on the people.

The coordinator of the movement in the state, Dr Danlami Arabs Rukuje made the disclosure yesterday in an interview with newsmen in Gombe where he also urged electorates not to relent in voting President Jonathan in the forth coming general election in 2015.

He enjoined Nigerians to do everything possible to ensure that President Jonathan is re-elected in to office, adding that the president had impacted tremendously in various sectors of the economy such as education, roads, petroleum distribution and health delivery among others.

“Let me talk as somebody who is from Gombe state and also from the North: for anybody who owned a car or owned a motorcycle five, six years ago, we knew that of the storage facilities in your house, one   indispensable storage facility was storage facility for petrol.

“You will agree with me also that it was so easy to keep your vehicle for two three days at the feeling station.

“Now, we don’t see that and people just assume it was magic that happened, it was not magic.

“It is somebody who has said let some things be done by the rules – if you have no business with oil, give way to those who have business with oil to do it.

“As a result, the supply of petroleum products has substantially improved in this country.

“Gombe PPMC depot had almost become an artifact because we didn’t know what it was meant for, but go there today, you will see what is happening.

“The multiplier effect is there – more restaurants and buying and selling activities have now sprung up there.

On agriculture, Arabs-Rukuje said the Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) had restored confidence of farmers on government.

“There were days when people used to share fertilizers in plates and you needed to belong to a particular political party in government to get even that plate; and all of us know that a plate of fertilizer is useless because it amounts to nothing, quantity wise.

“But today, our most peasant farmer has access to at least two bags of fertilizer and assorted seeds.

“It is no miracle; it is foresight, planning and commitment- So, fertilizer today has been demystified and Jonathan’s administration is saying if you want to go into agro-inputs go into it openly.

“It is no longer only government that can bring fertilizer; if you have your money to bring in fertilizer, bring it; if you can sell it below the government price so be it.

“The other effect we now have is that we now have shortage of grazing land because many more people are now getting into agriculture.

“Dry season farming was alien to us in Gombe but believe you me; the rice that is produced in Gombe from dry season farming is almost equal, if not more than what is produced during the rainy season” he

He also cited the establishment of Federal Universities in all the states which hitherto never had them and the building of the Almajiri schools in parts of the North as giant strides in revamping education

in the country.

The coordinator said JAM would take the message to the Nigerian people that with Jonathan in 2015, Nigeria would be more stabilized.

“We need everybody to feel that he is part and parcel of this country; we need to convince ourselves that we are equal stakeholders in this country.

“But the most important thing is, there can be no development if the country is not secured and stable” he said.

The coordinator advised Nigerians to take a cursory look at situations in other countries which broke up, saying Nigeria would be better off as a united country.

“If you go back to USSR, it was better than the component countries that came out of it after the break-up.

“If you go to Sudan near us, we have seen that the people of both Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan were proudly better off as Sudan than what they are now.

“We have seen that and we said we cannot and we should not allow Nigeria tread that path and that we need to let people know that Nigeria is one, Nigeria is better off as one and because this President also believes and has assured a lot of us that his conviction is the fact that Nigeria must continue to remain as one.

“That is why we are rooting for him to say, complete what the constitution has provided for you to do, and to also let Nigerians know that we have more to gain than loose if we allow everybody the opportunity the law has provided for him” JAM stated.

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