2015: Youth participation in election critical to good governance – SPN

From Alice Ajakaye, Lagos

Youth participation in election has been described as critical to achieving good governance needed for change in this present day Nigeria.

National youth leader, Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Hassan Taiwo Soweto, said this while delivering a speech at #InspireLagos – an Independence Day gathering of young leaders and entrepreneurs hosted by activists at the International Press Centre (IPC), Ogba Lagos.

“I believe that youth can only participate in governance and elections as change agents. It is very clear that change is needed to save this country and its people.”

Soweto said for change to be possible, “youths have a very important role to play. As the young generation, it is our future that these capitalist vampires in power are mortgaging through their rabid greed and corruption.”

According to him, for the youth to play the role of change agents, there are factors they need to consider in carrying out this change.

“We need to understand that change will not come simply by a generational shift in leadership or by putting a 100 youth in the National Assembly for instance. This is because it is not the age of our politicians that has made them to rule so badly, rather it is their belief in pro-capitalist anti-poor policies as the only way to run society. The youth will only be able to play a meaningful role in the task of changing Nigeria if they embrace a democratic socialist ideology that seeks to ensure that Nigeria’s wealth is utilized for the needs of all instead of the greed of a few.”


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