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Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2014

2015 political Armageddon and fragmented interests

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By Ayegba Israel Ebije

The speed Nigeria socio-political event cascade from a bad turn to the next reflects on the collective temperament of an average Nigerian towards nationhood and at the same time measures the extent of political endurance within stakeholders in the business of politicking.We all love to be Nigerians yet we hate to relate as one within common definition one Nigeria. Confusing as this unfortunate social maladjustment is forms the nucleus of our flaking nationhood. A nation rabid with sectional calibration on ethno religious bases, secessionist based on resource fiefdom and polarized on political monarchial godfatherism. Therefore, the resultant implication of our social, economic and religious rivalry is the skewed federalism, jinxed perception of resource control/ownership, fragmented elites, which has all bred cyclical violence across the country.

Today, resources must be ‘owners keep it’ no longer ‘ours share it’. What you hear Nigerians say is our amalgamation was a fraud. What if it was? Was it worse than the slavery Nigerians, Africans where subjected to? We are presently passing through a second and deadly stage of colonialism or mental slavery and yet all we see is how wrong the concept of Nigeria is.Sadly, Nigerians calling for the fragmentation of Africa’s most populous nation are only interested in their narrow-minded interests. They don’t care about the result of their prayers, which will definitely have negative domino effect even in their own fragmented enclaves if their wishes are finally granted. It is, therefore, not out of place for many “informed” Nigerians to expect political Armageddon in 2015 following traceable trepidations, forming huge craters of cracks on the wall of our nationhood on account of administrative impunity, political rascality and ‘organized’ terrorism.

Nigeria, regardless of its initial conception, has stood strong despite thunderous salvos of all forms of bombardments targeted at breaking the strength of its nationhood. At what stage, then are Nigerians flattened in their resolve to keep the steam engine of the Nigerian project hooting?They brought us together for ‘economic’ interest, they are now telling us we are incompatible – for same “economic” interest, now they are pushing it down our throats that Nigeria cannot survive beyond 2015. We must rise to plug a wedge between those puppeteers and us before they succeed in dividing us into fragments.Despite the level of education, number of educated and the globalized world and mechanics of world power and containment policy, Nigerians are gravitating towards the direction the ‘colonialists’ are heading them off to which is the cliff edge.

Regardless of the fact that there are traceable evidences on account of insurgency that we are heading off towards a collapse, what has Nigerians done beyond the sentiment based saber rattling at the national conference? It is sad that even the conference members are not sufficiently convinced of their imputes. Therefore, between the people, government and the Western powers, who is more involved in the so called ‘conspiracy theory’ of breaking Nigeria?Interestingly the forthcoming election has been sensationalized, balkanized into North and South divide, where a ‘do-or-die’ agenda has been injected to set inflammatory agenda between the major ethno religious divide of the country.

While it is clear Nigeria has managed to find itself in the present position with back against an unstable wall while all the malaise from hades beguile it from all flanks, a projection from the crystal ball before us suggests a vicious circle of rumblings, regardless of who is in power.Therefore, until and unless the mindset of the elites is adjusted to conform with the common aspiration of Nigeria towards equitable development, peace and harmony, the political scenery will be characterized by a revolving chair of rejected presidents by sections of the country depending on interests and grievances.Sadly, Nigerians will go to the polls in 2015 with mindset on vengeance, with focus on ethno-religious disposition rather than the collective good of the country and or taking cognizance of issue of candidacy. The elites will indeed vulture around to scavenge from the mortification on the political sphere for their own gluttonous interests.

Nigerians hooded from the real facts would not know they are psychically skewed to chorus along the direction of the interest of their so-called leaders. The political reality from the mirror wielding elites only reflects fallacious claims. What is not on the aspect ratio is their gargantuan appetite, where average Nigerians are completely missing from the ladder of the food chain. It is time for Nigerians to appraise the present situation, measuring it against the disgraceful political party crossing of some “mentors”, “messiah’s” situated on interests rather than belief. These political profiteers can never save anybody but themselves. Sadly, these are the opinion leaders.

Nigerians must bring themselves to the realization that insurgency, religious violence and other social malaise in the country are triggered by these few so called elites. Erroneously Nigerians are led to believe poverty, religious sentiments, illiteracy are the factors responsible for the impasse in the country but what they do not know is that these are only used as excuses and facilitators of violent acts.The problem of Nigeria is within the confines of Nigeria with help from Western forces. The alien interests seek to inhibit Nigeria from development and peace as part of their containment agenda on developing countries of the world – Africa to be specific.

While the political businessmen of Nigeria are only interested in making money out of their demonic partnership with the West to cause more than enough commotion in the country. Interestingly, these franchises of troublemaking elites are not united in their enterprise of disaster.Some are interested in the continuous existence of Nigeria. These class of politicians are interested in inflicting maximum confusion/destruction in the country but not to fragment it. They have business interests that must be protected across the country hence want it united.

The other group of these human cretins is working with the West to make Nigeria ungovernable, towards compromising Nigeria’s corporate integrity. These class of deranged elements hope to split the country to keep the “oil” wealth to themselves. They are not interested in feeding the other “leaches” anymore.The prophesized political Armageddon only exists in the bucket list of those ready to die for their own personal gains rather than interest of the common Nigerian they pretend to project.It is interesting to note that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressive Peoples Party (APC) are just platforms existing to serve the swinging interests of these capitalist politicians. Nigerians must therefore wake to the realization of the fact that the best leader, the best party is that which favors a person or a group of persons.

As the struggle to claim or sustain grip on the feeding frenzy in the country’s measurable oil wealth continues, it is imperative to understand that the 2015 prediction of doom is a creation fueled by political interests, sponsored by greed and supervised by enemies of Nigeria.


Israel Ayegba Ebije is the Chief Press Secretary to the Niger state governor

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