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Published On: Wed, Jul 2nd, 2014

2015: Betara’s politics of selfishness

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By Musa Salihu Kachallah

Please permit me space in your widely read newspaper to express my concern over the poor leadership style of Honourable Muktari Aliyu Betara who represent the good people of Biu, Shani, Kwayya Kusar and Bayo federal constituency at the green chamber of the National Assembly. I suspect he does not understanding what democracy is all about, but I want to remind him with this piece that “Democracy is of the People for the People and by the People”, and also I want to remind him that democracy is a game of numbers. I believe he saw what happened in Ekiti state during the just concluded governorship election.

Well, I feel a competent and polished legislator is a great asset to the people of his constituency. A legislator that looks at issues critically and objectively while saying yes or no to the debated bill is the best representative of the people, but Muktari also lacks these qualities. Legislation, to me is about fairness in all dealings and giving constructive contributions on ideas and issues brought before the House. A good legislative person maintains symbiotic relationship with his people; they see each other as a partner in progress. While the legislator maintains direct contact with the electorate and it is expected that he conveys the yearnings and aspiration of the electorate, but for Muktari NO!

Yes, people from your constituency who make sacrifice to stand under hot sun to vote you into the office for the second term, yet you choose to neglect us and abuse our mandate. Remember in my previous piece, I do advice you that we are tired of your dirty politics for purchasing some bags of rice, sugar, salt, wrappers, few motorcycles and sewing Machines and sent to us, which in the process of sharing these little items you claim as youths empowerment always cause a lot of trouble amongst people.

I believe politics is about selflessness, hard-work and taking pleasure in seeing the socio-economic growth of the people one is representing at any level. But unlike Hon. Muktari Aliyu Betara who sees politics as a business ventures to make money not a stewardship, and he is a person who doesn’t have the interest of his people at heart, honestly speaking Muktari Betara has been in the green chamber for over seven years now as our representative with no single project to show as his constituency project, not to talk of having a bill that can make life better for his people, haba!.

What Muktari always does when the election time draw nearer is to shop around for some bags of rice, sugar, salt, wrappers, few motorcycles and sewing Machines as usual to be distributed to some ward political thugs rather than thinking of something positive than can put smiles on the faces of the communities he is representing; is very unfortunate to have such a person as leader. Wallahi we regret given you our votes and I believe come 2015, Insha Allah time, shall tell.

Now we have learnt our lessons, your leadership style has not yield any fruit to the people of your constituency especially in ward six and its environs where you always have the majority of votes, that is why we the people of ward six speaks loud with one voice and say NO.

Meanwhile, it has become necessary for professionals and exposed personalities like Adamu Burati who have the care of the people of their area at heart to come out and participate actively in politics. One , good thing I noticed Adamu is that whenever he visited home he would gather youths irrespective of their tribe and faith to give them words of encouragement to go to school so that you can help your community and the nation with your wealth of experience, also collect their CV’s and give them job at his capacity.

The reason why we want professional in politics is that they are representing not only themselves or their families but also their constituencies. Professionals in politics shouldn’t be pardoned for failure, because they have different people in the society and colleagues who can guide and give them advice on where they go wrong that is why we feel he should come in and have our mandate to take us to the promise land come 2015 election.

Musa Salihu Kachallah Miringa,


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