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Published On: Fri, Oct 31st, 2014

2015: Agriculture, education my priority in Katsina – Senator Kanti Bello

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By Ali Abare

A gubernatorial aspirant Katsina State, Senator Kanti Bello, has said if elected, he would revolutionise education, security and job creation for youths through agricultural development.

Senator Bello stated this yesterday, at the national secretariat of the All Progressives Congress (APC) when he returned his completed his expression of Interest and nomination forms for Katsina governorship under the platform of the APC.

He said his gubernatorial aspiration is based on the wish of the people of his state, Katsina, and assured citizens of the state that he is running for this governorship in the interest of the people.

He said that his administration will tackle four key areas to development the state and empower its citizens. These areas are security, agriculture, education and job creation for youths. On agriculture he said his government will create service centres across the local governments in the state and create over two million jobs for the teeming youths.

While appeal for free and fair primaries in the party, he assured the party leadership, that he will abide by the outcome of the election, though he hoped to pick the ticket at the end of the primaries.

He said, “The change that people are yearning for, you see, it is not in Katsina State alone, this is what is happening in Nigeria today. Why I decided to leave national politics and go back to my state is because of the situation of our people. People are poor, youths have no jobs.

“I think it is very important that the key areas if I happened to get the ticket of the APC and if Insha Allah I get the governorship, these are the four areas that my government will concentrate on. I am not a scientifically person, I am practical engineer.

“One is the issue of security, it has to be to be tackled properly and pragmatically. Number two the youths we have is a time bomb and we simply have to get job for our teeming youths. And the only way you have to do it in Katsina State is to revolutionise the agricultural sector.

“And we will do agricultural projects like they used to do in the World Bank days. We are going to develop agriculture, it is not question of two, three tractors and giving farmers one bag of fertilizer, no, we are going to have our farm service centres in every local government, maybe 50, 100 tractors per every local government area and things are going to be technically and scientifically looked into the types of crops we are going to grow and these I believe, even after growing the crops, government is going to get involved in marketing, that is buying, otherwise, farmers will not be willing to produce.

“I intend to increase agricultural production within the first three years of the administration of APC, at least we will multiply it by 10 and we should be able to feed this country and if we do that, honestly, over two million youths are going to be employed.

“Our educational policies is going to geared towards that type of what we required in the state. That is when we come to education, because that is one of the key area we are going to look into. You know also that these things are technically interwoven, and our educational policies is not going to stop at the almajirai schools, of course, it will be incorporated with that of our Islamic teachers, where our mallams and imams are going to be teaching moral rights. And when I say revolutionise I mean it in every sense, if not I have no business going back to the state if I have nothing to contribute positively towards the wellbeing of the people and the state.


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