11 Ways to Build No-Strings Relationships

If you believe that only boys are so careless to start such kind of relationships, you are wrong. Not all the females think about your children’s names on the first date, leave their toothbrushes, clothes in your flat on purpose or try to drive you crazy with the questions from talk shows. Therefore, there are no relationships between the two of you, except the intimate.

Of course, there are the rest of women, whose intentions tend to be more serious. That is why, a man has to set the tone of the relationships after or even during the first date. Otherwise, you can puzzle a woman and make her wait for a diamond ring from you for ages.

If you are a single man, who is not tired from the game yet, go ahead and read the tips below, on how to remain single, but have a regular sex at the same time. These tips are kindly provided by the site Primedating.com

1. Do not try to change her look

Be quiet even if you are sure that shorter trim would fit her face features or the black lipstick is too much. Your “date” may be offended. However, that is not the only reason why you have to be cautious. A strange thought “He tries to change me, because he cares.” will likely to pop up in her mind.

2. Be careful while acquainting her with your friends

Let us be honest. Sneaking from the whole world for months is impossible in the 21st century. Don’t you think? That is why, choose the most goofy, devil-may-care bachelors who became your friends under some unexplained circumstances and make them meet your girl. There are some advantages: they will definitely forget her partner’s name the next day and will not ask about your relationships.

3. Never get her acquainted with your relatives. Never!

Nothing else will make your no-strings relationships disappear in a blink of an eye.

4. Shut your ears to the money talks

It is a traditional women’s trick to tell the boyfriend about being broken, having no money for the new La Perla’s underset or being behindhand with rent and watch his reaction. Never buy into such stuff. Never offer her your money. The neutral “Ok”, “Fine” will do you good. Oh, and do not forget to change the topic.

5…. and daily routine stuff as well

The mad boss, broken dishwasher or the broken nail… The maximum of your empathy must be your moaning. Nothing else.

6. Less details

“Why haven’t you called for 3 days?” “I was busy.”
“How is your work?” “Fine. Just like always.”
This will work in 2 previous points, if making sounds is not enough. Of course, you should not keep your daily events in secret. Just do not engage her in your life, if you did not plan it in advance.

7. Forget about the jealousy and control

You do not care whether some male calls her after midnight or who likes her photos in Facebook. The possessive instinct is typical for all of us. However, remember that only those who have or want to have the rights to be “possessors” can demonstrate it.

8. Plan your dates not earlier than a week before

A meeting next Saturday is Ok, but planning to celebrate the New Year together in June is a bit strange. Be careful, a one-year gym membership for two of you can be a highway to your renewed marital status.

9. Do not rush along to her when she got sick

If you are ready to see her in a woolen socks, with a red nose and eyes full of tears, it means you want more than sex. That is how feminine logic works. Just wait until her complete recovery. You are not her doctor, mother or a caregiver.

10. Never make photos of the two of you

A few selfies in one click can appear in the social networks under some strange circumstances. Such a foolish thing can make you a couple (you’d be lucky if not a married couple) for thousands of people including your relatives.

11. Always give back all the stuff she left in your apartment “by accident”

As I mentioned before, toothbrushes, pieces of clothing and cosmetics can be a part of the strategy to tie the knot. She can use it as an excuse to meet you at the most unsuitable time and control you. Do not be foolish or embarrassed and give her stuff back the next day.

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